tank too small for a filter?

  1. PythonTheBetta

    PythonTheBetta Valued Member Member

    So I recently made a DIY filter for the 10 gallon out of a vase(check my most recent posts for videos of it) and I was wondering if I could make a smaller one for the 0.7 gallon tank while I'm waiting to set the 10 gallon up? My only concerns would be that the vase would take up too much room or that the air pump would be too strong(mostly concerned about the air pump, i'm sure I could find a glass vase small enough)

    But would adding the filter start cycling it? Would I do more harm than good by adding a filter?
  2. N

    NormalFishkeeper New Member Member

    I think you should take back the 0.7 gallon tank and replace it with a 5 1/2 gallon tank. Remmber: some filtration is better than none. use a simple internal sponge filter with an airpump rated to five gallons
  3. OP

    PythonTheBetta Valued Member Member

    I already have a 10 gallon I just don't have a table to put it on yet. Buying yet another tank is not an option right now

    Would putting an air stone in the small tank help in any way?