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    So I bought my tank with the kit and it had the crappy stick on thermometer and a decent heater that was set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the crappy little thermometer read mostly 78 besides showing other temperatures in a less bright color. So I set out to buy a better one and got a marina submergible digital thermometer. Since installing and moving around the tank in different spots it always reads from 81-83 I thought maybe my heater was busted so I swapped it for a heater I bought weeks ago but was waiting to put in until I cycled and could lower temp, I originally set to 78 just to see if there'd be a difference from the other, but temp still stayed high so I lowered temp on heater tank still reading hot. Was wondering if anyone knows if the marina digital thermometers are good and if I should buy anything else to test temperature and be sure, also if it is because the tank is actually hot, how to keep it cool.
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