Tank Stocking

  1. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    I recently had a huge tank crash and everything died, I think it was white spot.

    Now I have a 28 litre tank that I want to refill with fish. (I'm going to take everything out and let it re-cycle to get rid of any desease in there).

    Could anyone suggest a good stocking it could be tropical or cold water.

    I'm looking for one main fish, I'm thinking about a Betta but was wondering if there was anything different as I already have 3.

  2. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    What are the dimensions?

  3. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    It's an aqua start 320 and the dimensions are as follows:

    33d x 30w x 38h cm.

  4. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Any particular fish (other than the betta) you want to have to build around/with, or is this a free-for-all?

  5. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure, I was thinking about a DG but 20G is the limit.

    As this is a display tank something colourfull would be nice, however the area I live in has very hard water.


    P.s I know this isn't the right area to ask but if I went marine on this tank what could I put in (if you don't know I'll ask on the saltwater section)?
  6. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    There a few marine options that you could do if you decided to do SW, but do the research on setting up one first (if you dont already know) ! Then you can come back and I, or the other SW people, can help you with a SW stocking :)
  7. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    This would be my fist sw setup i'm getting a red sea reefer 250 in a few months, I would set this up and transfer the fish to the bigger one when I get it.

    The stocking plan is as follows:

    2 blue cheek gobies
    2 black ice clowns
    1longnosed hawk fish
    3 cleaner shrimp
    8 hermit crabs
    3 turbo snails
    3peackock wrass
    Tuxedo urchin


    War coral
    Pink polyp montipora

    The coral is just notes from ones I like and I have no idea if they are compatible, the fish I have done tonnes of reserch on.

    If none of the fish are compatible then I'll continue with tropical.

    Would killifish work in that tank?


  8. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Probably a dumb question, but the Reefer is 250 gallons? (just making sure! feel free to laugh at me). And what would the dimensions be?
  9. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    The reefer is 250l (55G) and the dimensions are :

    L90cm x W50m x H53cm

  10. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    - I'd only get 1 BCG...they are extremely aggressive towards others of their own species. You can have 2, but only if you are able to get a M and F. And you'll need a deeper sandbed with lots of hiding places. They can also be a bit frustrating to feed
    - Clowns are fine, get juvenile so you can end up with a pair
    - The Hawkfish is fine, but he'll will snack on your cleaner shrimp if theyre small enough. Even if they're larger, he'll most likely pester them constantly. 55g is the bare minimum for these guys, so keep an eye out if he becomes stressed
    - Cleaner shrimp pblm mentioned above
    - Hermit crabs are fine, dont get blue-legged ones with the hairy legs...they eat corals. They might be bothered by the hawkfish, but they usually dont; just make sure to provide lots of hiding places as they are vulnerable during molt
    -Snails also fine; have a good solid rockwork...their known to topple loose rocks
    - dont get Peacock Wrasse; they are extremely difficult to keep in captivity and only have the most expert SW fishkeepers have been able to house them
    -Urchin is also fine, but they literally need 0 nitrate; so make sure to maintain this. They might move frags around as they move, but they wont specifically target them to attack. Sweetest, reef-safe critters

    -Blastomussa are a good beginner coral; make sure you dont mix them up with candy cane corals; also non-aggressive
    - Zoas are also good for beginners; You just have to be careful with handling; they can cause reaction and be toxic (especiallt Palythoas)
    -Bubble Tip anemone, like any nem, do require more care than corals, but less than most other anemones. They need a longer acclimation and give them enough time to plants their foot. Also, only add them after a matured tank and choose an aquacultured one for the best chance at survival
    -Torches are also a hardy coral BUT give them tons of room; they have sweeper tentacles that will sting, damage, and or kill other corals. Dont keep them with any future leather corals you may want, have lots of calcium; this is where lots of ppl go wrong in keeping them
    - Hammerheads are also a bit hardier as well; just like torchs, they have deadly sweeper tentacles that come out at night; so they need lots of space as well (theyre okay around similar species like frogspawn)
    -Also hardy and a big favorite, but like the other 2, they've got nasty sweepers.
    -Montiporas are SPS are really nice and hardy, but I would not keep them; they get huge fast and easily outcompete other corals; they are much more suited for the larger reefs
    -Tunicates are also really cool, but they are difficult to find and equally difficult to care for; so avoid them for now

  11. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    With the gobies, I really wanted some sort of gobie, my LFS said that they like to be in pairs, could you suggest any others that would be ok ?


    P.s, any suggestions as substitutes for the peackock wrasse?
  12. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    - 2 shrimp goby (sexing doesnt matter, just make sure to introduce at the same time)
    - 1 yellow clown goby
    - 1 green clown goby
    - 1 yellow watchman goby (Which i think would be one of the best option; theyre a bit larger and easier to feed in general)

    Usually, gobies are good in pairs, but you have to get a M/F pair (except shrimp gobies, they're generally pretty cool), aginst their own genders, they can be brutal, or you need a larger tank

    And not all of them! you can pick one :)

    how about a fairy wrasse? They come in lots of different flavors to choose from and theyre reef safe.

    WAIT! I know! how about a Flasher Wrasse? Super beautiful guys! Also a big personal favorite
  13. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    That's a really nice one

    How many could I get ?
  14. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd only get 1 as your centerpiece for starting off with; they're quite active, so you'll be seeing him a lot. And I have seen people keep multiples in a 55g, but their reefs are extremely well established and maintained; aka, their a bit more advanced in their keeping.

    Also, go for the Yellowfin Flasher Wrasse; they're the hardier Flasher Wrasse and have a gorgeous coloring as well (you can't miss that flash of yellow!)
  15. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    I forgot to ask, I wanted to get some mandarin fish after 6-12 months. How many could I get?

  16. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    I would not do a mandarin fish; they can be difficult to take care of because, in addition to being more sensitive in general, you would have to set up a refugium in order to grow their copepods monthly; they eat up to 8-10K a month! It gets costly fast and they are super prone to dying of starvation because of this. And you have to use a specific type (can't remember the genus name right now, I'll go check in my notes if youre still interested) that lives in tropical waters and crawls on LR; most that you find being sold are usually the coldwater species that swim

    You would also need a lot more live rock in order to keep the copepods from being eaten by the other faster fish; to have the best success for them would be an established set up of at least 75 so there's always "enough" copepods around to keep him busy while you are culturing more; people have done it in less, but the risk always goes up.

    Sorry! :( From personal experience (if it helps), my uncle had kept one in a 125g reef with a 50g refugium he used mainly for growing copepods, and he was supplying hundreds of them daily, and he was only able to keep it alive for about 6 months until it just died with no apparent reason. They're like the disucs/elephant noses of the SW world)
  17. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    I heard you can purchase mandarins that have been trained to eat pellets?


  18. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    i have not heard about that, so I can't give you an answer, but I'd wait at least a year (I know, a long time :/) to make sure you have a stable system. I've seen people wait at least 2 years before they go theirs!