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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Emily5, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Emily5New MemberMember

    Hi! I am hoping to get a 20 gallon tank and was wanting some suggestions with ideas for stocking the tank. I'm pretty sure the list I have now would be an overstocked tank but if anyone had suggestions for how to change it and make it better I would really appreciate it.
    Here it is:
    -6 cory catfish
    -6 zebra danios
    -6 ember tetras
    -3 or 4 platys
    -3 or 4 guppies
    -3-5 mystery snails

  2. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    honestly i think that that's a good list! The only thing i would change is the numbers, i would do 4 cory's, 2 or 3 zebra danios, 3 or 4 ember tetras, 2 playty's, 2 guppies, and 4 mystery snails. Are you going with live or fake plants? live plants are harder to keep but i think that it would go perfectly! I personally don't like live-bearers unless there males because females can have multiple litters (?) from one breeding ( learned that the hard way) and your LFS usually keeps males and females together so for the platys and guppies i would suggest you get males. please post some pictures once its done.
    Good Luck!

  3. Emily5New MemberMember

    Thanks for the advice! I might do a mix of fake plants and live ones, but I will definitely have some live ones. I do have experience with live plants as I have a 5 gallon planted tank.

  4. Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    I have to disagree. Both corys and zebra danios should be kept in groups of 6 or more.

    I’m not a stocking expert but you seem pretty heavily stocked. I would eliminate the platys. And get all male guppies.

    2 snails would be sufficient unless you plan on feeding them, not enough biofilm in a 20 for 5 Mystery snails.

    Just my opinion.
  5. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Here’s what I would do:

    6x corydoras (perfect)
    12x ember tetras (danios may chase and nip the tetras; I prefer keeping them alone; if you get rid of the danios, you can fit more tetras)
    4x male guppies (adding platys will make it overstocked; having four guppies may reduce aggression; adding females will lead to breeding, which will lead to an overstocked tank)
    2x mystery snails (four of these guys in a 20-gallon seems like too much)
  6. Emily5New MemberMember

    Thanks! As I said originally, I do think it would be overstocked, just wanted to see what other people thought.

    I do plan on feeding the snails with algae wafers and blanched veggies. Do you know how often I would have to feed them?
  7. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Just as often as you feed the fish :)
  8. Emily5New MemberMember

  9. Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    On the snails I would say every other day.

    I’m going to make another run at this: all 4 of my 20s have 1 nerite and 1 Mystery. The Mystery is very visible and they survive on algae and biofilm. I’m sure the Mystery gets leftover pellets at times, one reason he’s in there.

    3-5 would be too many IMO.
  10. Emily5New MemberMember

    Could I have Platys but no guppies? If so, how many?
  11. Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    Platys are bigger, therefore poop more than guppies that’s why I suggested guppies but you can go either way.

    How/ what is your filteration since you will be heavily stocked?
  12. Emily5New MemberMember

    I would get an aqua clear power filter. Probably the size for 30-50 gallons because it would be heavily stocked.
  13. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Agreed with the above comment, but yes, you can fit three platies instead of four guppies.
  14. Emily5New MemberMember

    What about 2 guppies and 2 platies? Or should I stick to one or the other? I’ve heard guppies can be aggressive if there’s just two.
  15. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    I would stick with one or the other. They can be aggressive in a pair and calmer in a group of three or more.
  16. Emily5New MemberMember

    Do you think my filtration will be ok? It’s a few comments above
  17. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah, that sounds great. I wouldn't consider the stocking too bad as long as you go with some of our advice, though. This may make the filtration choice a bit cheaper. I'd go with the 30.
  18. Emily5New MemberMember

    Ok, after doing some more research, I have discovered that I would like a dwarf gourami. I dropped the ember tetras to make room. Here's my new list. Would it work?
    -6 corydoras
    -4 zebra danios(I already have them but they're in a small tank and I want to move them)
    -4 guppies
    -1 dwarf gourami
    -2 mystery snails
  19. AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds good. I would up the danio numbers to six. Other than that, it looks like a decent stocking to me.
  20. jared638459New MemberMember

    I think you should keep dwarf gouramies maybe 5 or 6

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