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so we got 2 aquariums from someone, a 30 gallon and a 75g. Neither came with stands. The 30 gallon is taken care of, but I'm a bit at a loss what to put the 75 gallon on short of buying a stand, which isn't a super affordable option right now. Every piece of furniture we own that is burly enough to take the weight is too small in some way. We were thinking of putting a solid board that is a little bigger than the aquarium footprint on top of a cabinet that is a little smaller, but I'm still leery. Should we attempt this or is it better to try building from scratch or bite the bullet and just buy something? Third option is still possible, but since my dog just cost me nearly a grand in vet bills in the last few months, I'd rather find a cheaper option. All advice appreciated.


Build a Diy one!

86 ssinit

Build a diy or buy a buffet table 48”x18” and add some wood to make it stronger. Bought a buffet for my 90. It cost 75 and 125 when I was done.

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