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    • Hi, first post so may be doing it wrong in the wrong place
    • I have purchased a really nice 2nd hand 400 litre tank, it did not come with a lid so i have been trying to find one for the last month, no luck so have made one for now from plastic roofing sheet and put it on, it looks ok although after a few days i opened the lid and it stinks..... It seems to be that when the lids on for anymore than about 2 hours it kind of builds up a stink and smells gross when i open the lid, then if i take the lid of the smell goes away after about half hour, the tank has no water in as i have not filled it yet all it has is one of the foam rock backgrounds that was in there when i got it any ideas why the smell and what i can do, i know its probably the lid keeps the smell trapped in and builds up then when its opened a waft of smell comes out but not sure if its from the foam background or not, will it go when i fill it up and get the filter and stuff running? Like i said there was no smell for the first month of having it with no lid i have also cleaned it but hard to clean the background, and i really want to keep the background as it looks really nice

  2. Carbeo Well Known Member Member

    Any pictures? It's probably something growing behind the background. Does it look just silicone in there?

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    I feel sure the smell will fade away once the tank is filled and running. The background probably absorbed the smell when there were fish in the tank. The odor is more prominent when the cover is on it because it has no where to go. Maybe you could prop the cover up just a little bit to allow air to circulate through it until you are ready to set it up.

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    Heres some pictures, all the wires are just the led lights ive got just for the minute. Cant get a picture of the back as its against the wall and is too heavy to lift away from the wall on my own (took 3 of us to get it in from the car to where it is now) im hoping not to have to get rid of the back ground but will if i have to and its stuck to the back so yes i guess silicone

    Hi thanks for your reply, yes i can prop it up i have been just leaving the lid a little off at one side and its ok im just more worried about it being mould or something like that, that would harm my fish when/if i eventually move them to this tank

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    You could fill it with a 1-20 ratio bleach water... let it sit for a few hours... then drain, rinse, drain, and let it dry for several days.
  6. AquaticJ Fishlore VIP Member

    When you put the filter on, make sure to use carbon because that’ll help take out the smell (if it still smells with water in it)
  7. FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

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    I'm guessing it is probably the background IMO...
    For now, I would still keep the lid open if you don't want the smells.

    Best of luck.
  8. KmwG New Member Member

    Oh ok thanks, and thats safe for the fish that will eventually go in there?
  9. Carbeo Well Known Member Member

    Yes, once it is rinsed and completely air dries the bleach has evaporated. No residue. Even without trying to sterilize, I suspect it will be okay once it's filled. I wonder if what you smell is comparable to the smell of driftwood and ornaments on a healthy tank that is drained. It doesn't smell when covered in water.
  10. KmwG New Member Member

    Ok thanks to you all, yeah like i said i was more concerned that the smell could be something bad in there that will hurt my fish when they move in, will take all advice recieved and apply thankyou.

    It could be as like i said its only when i put the lid i made on then when i take it off after a while the smell is pretty strong for 20 mins, and maybe as the lid is just a homemade one out of plastic? I have smelt a few empty pre used tanks before and this smells a little different but maybe thats just the smell of pre used foam backgrounds, I was more concerned that the smell was mould or something that may harm my fish when i move them in but i guess ill fill it up and see what its like then.
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