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Ok so my aunt had a columbian shark in her 30 gallon tank for NINE years!!! When she first got him I told her that it would probably die because (I thought the tank was WAY too small). But surprisely EGOR had lived for NINE years!! But he passed away 3 years ago, but the very next day she goes out and buys another one and its been in there for about 3 years now. I'm just wondering could I get one of this in my 55 gallon tank? Egor was probably around 9 inches long and was a heavy little bugger by the looks of him, and her new shark is probably 5inches right now.


They need at least a 75 gallon tank. They are a very active fish.


I have a 10 inch and a 5 inch cat shark in a 55 gallon. The tank is too narrow for a 10 inch fish that swims constantly. I also think 4 ft is too short. My money is tight, but I plan on getting a rubbermade type stock tank from a tractor supply store and making a container pond for my two. Even though you can't view them like you can in an aquarium, they still look cool from the top down. I'd enjpy them more that way seeing them swim freely. Then, maybe, you can keep a 55 and put them in the 55 once in a while so you can view them that way.

As far as I'm concerned, a 120 gal aquarium is the minimum tank size for these guys. I get depressed watching them all cramped up in my 55. If you keep one (a larger one like 8-10 inches) in a 55 don't put all sorts of decorations in the tank, that will just take away their swimming room. Also, GET TWO! They are MUCH happier in groups.

Instead of stuffing the tank with decorations for hiding places, I just cover half the tank with a blanket. That sort of forms a big cave. I noticed, mine hang out on that side of the tank more. They really seem to like that. When I feed them, I remove the blanket, and then I can watch them.

Columbian Cats are great fish.

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