Tank size? Question

  1. kittykat0725

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    Good Morning Fishlore - I might be getting another tank soon and was thinking about getting a rainbow shark. I have a few questions -
    What tank size do they need?
    Can they eat normal tropical fish flakes by Tetra?
    Can they get along with other kinds of fish?
    Anything else they might prefer to have in their tank? (Plant type, cave, temp, etc)

    Please reply thanks! :)

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  2. Viriam Karo

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  3. Coradee

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    Rainbow sharks get to around 6" & can be territorially aggressive as they get older, especially with other shark shaped fish, they don't make particularly good community fish imo
    They need caves & other hiding places, I wouldn't put one in less than a 4ft tank, bigger is better.
    Have a read of the profile here https://www.fishlore.com/profiles_rainbow_shark.htm