Tank Size Needed To Accommodate...

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    sullivanbay94 Valued Member Member

    A little bit of a backwards question for you all, Instead of asking how many fish i can fit in to X amount of gallons.. I was wondering how many gallons would be needed to house the following fish with a little room to spare..

    10 Cardinal tetra
    10 Rummy nose tetra
    10- Celestial pearl danio
    10 Kuhli loach
    10 Cory cats

    Room to spare of additional invertebrates like snails and shrimp, the tank would be planted.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    That will be a pretty tank :)
    I would suggest a 55, seeing those schools with 4 feet to zoom around would be quite a sight to see! :)

    At minimum I'd say a 40 breeder....or 46 bow...or just any 3 foot tank really. If you want breathing room, I say shoot for a 55 or other 4 foot tank :)
  3. OP

    sullivanbay94 Valued Member Member

    Out of curiosity what if i did 6 of each what tank size would you recommend? Just looking at different options :)
  4. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    I would still go with something at least 3 feet long.
    None of those fish have huge bioloads, so I am thinking about the footprint here, not the gallons. They are all very active fish and would do much better with a longer tank.
  5. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think a 30 gallon long (36 by 12 footprint) is the tank size I would say is minimum. A 40 breeder would be better.
    Have you thought of a centerpiece type fish?