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Hello hello!

I'm only a few months old when it comes to the "fish world" so I've been reading a lot of things on here to help me go through this process. I got a Betta last month and he's in a 2.5 gallon tank. I have a 5 gallon tank from when I was really little and we had goldfish. The reason why I didn't use it was because it's been sitting in a storage room in the basement called "the monster room" so it was pretty gross looking. Plus, my mom insisted I buy a tank set up kit that included a filter and water conditioner to save money.

ANYWAYS, my fish is really active. He likes to swim around a lot, so I'm thinking of biting the bullet and setting up the 5 gallon tank for him. However, he just got situated in this one so I think I'm going to wait a bit, maybe towards summer since things are hectic now since I'm a senior in high school.

To get on with it, what are some things I can get my Betta that will keep up with how active he is? He has a real moss ball in his tank, and two fake plants, only one of which he really likes. I know there's not too much room in a 2.5 gallon tank, but I feel bad for the poor little guy. Is there anything I could get for him to not just be swimming around all the time? Something he could interact with? I was thinking of getting him a "house" where he could hide, but he likes his hiding place behind the filter and likes to rest there.



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There isn't much you can do, i would change up the aquarium every once in a while to provide enrichment. I'm not a fan of the commercial products for bettas out their, they don't seem to work or last very well. I also recommend going heavyily planted. Your betta would like it more. You could get away with some low light plants, and put in some indian almond leaves to deter fungal infections, and to add decor to your aquarium.
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