60 Gallon Tank Tank Seems Empty, Stocking Suggestions Please


Hey guys

So I've got my 63 gallon aquarium, i've got some fish but atm it seems empty, like it's missing something.
Tank: W48 D15 H20, temp 26c/78f heavily planted.
Current stock
2 Electric Blue Acara (likely moving one)
2 Pearl GouramI m/f, the male occasionally chases her away but nothing of concern.
4 Honey Gourami, never interact with the pearls.
8 Cardinal Tetra.

My first thought is bottom dwellers, SterbaI Corydoras and\or some kind of loach?
As for mid I was thinking Dwarf Neon Rainbows, or something else I'm really not sure?
I was also thinking of getting another female pearl?

I know i've somewhat answered myself but i'd love to hear your thoughts and any other ideas.


Cory.....absolutely definitely recommend those....mine are insanity with fins and guaranteed to put a stop to any other fish swimming elegantly due to the Cory acrobatics & antics.....they go nuts tumbling and flying all over the place and don't care who gets run over in the process

(They also breed like rabbits too and redecorate the glass with caviar splotches)

Total lunatics....every aquarium should have some
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I think I'll definitely get SterbaI then, always wanted them so I guess there's no reason not to.


Mine are Bronze....and are currently splotching the glass as I type

May this year had 4.....as of now 15

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