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Discussion in 'Killifish' started by raif281, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. raif281Valued MemberMember

    noob here. Im doing lots of research before i start my first tank. You know comparing certain fish temps, regions of the tank, ph and all that good stuff. what I'm trying to figure out is which region(s) of the tank killifish hangout/stay at. top, bottom, middle, all? didn't seem to find it on the fishlore killifish description page. thanks for any input.
  2. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    EricV, you're up. He's our resident killifish expert. But they mostly stay on the top of the tank.

  3. raif281Valued MemberMember

    awesome Dom thanks!

  4. Aqua HeroWell Known MemberMember

    well after doing some quick easy research i found out that they normally swim in the middle regions
  5. EricVFishlore VIPMember

    Depends on the species. Most will spend most of their time at mid-level while others (like the most readily available golden wonders) will spend almost all of their time at the surface.
  6. Aqua HeroWell Known MemberMember

    Well I wasn't Completely wrong

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  7. raif281Valued MemberMember

    thanks Ericv! I was looking at the Nothobranchius biography on this site. so pretty much all of them spend their time mid-level besides the golden wonders which mostly stay by the surface.
  8. chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    Actually, there many that spend time at the bottom as well. Nothos tend to be just off the bottom, rather than mid-level. The North American Pupfish species all live on the bottom, as do a number of Fundulus species. A number of Rivulin species also stay pretty close to the bottom.

    The Golden Wonder is supposedly a color form of Aplocheilus lineatus. This is a moderately large, aggressive predatory species. Most of the Epiplatys species also spend their time at the surface. A lot of the Lampeyes tend to stay near the surface.

    Lumping Killifish together is kind of like lumping all Cichlids as the same. There are actually several families of fish that are considered Killifish; only one family contains all the Cichlids.
  9. raif281Valued MemberMember

    thanks chromedome!
  10. raif281Valued MemberMember

    hey also Eric do I need to keep so many of them together, are they school fish? I was thinking a pair, male and a female or maybe just a male as I saw they said 2 males tend to fight and I don't want to risk that. I was thinking about getting this one, I believe it's the nothos killifish. ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1438088694.137221.jpg
  11. EricVFishlore VIPMember

    Yeah that's one of the nothobranchius species.

    Again there's a lot of variation in behavior among the different types of killifish. Some are more tolerant of each other than others.

    Most nothos are annuals however so be prepared for a short lifespan. I'd definitely at least get a pair because unless you get them to breed you'll be replacing them in about a year.
  12. raif281Valued MemberMember

    gotcha, thats probably a no on the nothos for now then. I'm just getting a chance to read some more about them on the web. I read into the breeding and that seems a bit out of my reach for me for now, any other killifish that arnt annual? I just read something about the Aphyosemion are those nothos as well or different? how long do they live?

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