tank pics

  1. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    10 gallon heavily planted-
    1-male endler
    5-celestrial pearl danios
    8-northern mountain swordtail fry
    red cherry shrimp

    20 gallon cichlid tank-
    1-male cutteri cichlid
    40 or more- juvi cutteri cichlids

    5 gallon low light lightly planted-
    1-male betta

    55 gallon soon to be heavily planted-
    10-cherry barbs
    4-congo tetras(temporary)
    1-male gold ram
    1-female german blue ram
    1-syno petricola(soon to be 3)
    2-green bristlenose plecos
    1-blood parrot(gone tomorrow)
    suggestions welcome!
  2. Gamer Well Known Member Member

    Great tanks.

    I really like what you did with the 10 gallon as far as plants AND fish stock.

    Also looking forward to seeing the 55 when it's done.
  3. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Very nice!

    I, too, really like the 10g and can't wait to see the finished 55g.
  4. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    thanks guys. the 10 will soon be upgraded to a 20 with black gravel.
  5. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    what do yall think i should do with the 55? i want to remove the mopani and put in some manzanita. should i keep the rocks how they are or change them?
  6. iRun Member Member

    I would be proud if any of those tanks were mine. I am really drawn to your 20g cichlid tank! Its got a very clean, zen, feel. I'm not sure if it is intended as a grow out tank or a show tank, but I love it.

    I agree on the Manzanita idea. I love the look of moss attached to the delicate manzanita limbs. You also get a cool, airy, elongating effect with the manzanita where its not dense and overpowering but has lots of impact.

    Maybe spread the rocks to make a little bit wider "shelf" kind of effect instead of a cluster? Just an idea.

    Good stuff!
  7. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    A shelf?
  8. iRun Member Member

    Yup a shelf. When you add vertical dimension to your substrate using rocks as the "retaining wall" for the deeper substrate behind them.

    It can be purely aesthetic, or functional if you wanted to add some larger or deeper rooted plants in an area for example.
  9. mosaicguppy Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful tanks! I didn't know the first one was only 10 gallons until I read the discription, looks much bigger than it is. :)
  10. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

  11. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Looks great! Awesome job. Thanks for sharing.

    I especially like the cichlid display :)
  12. iRun Member Member

  13. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    so its like this? l___l with rocks? i dont know how good that would look.
  14. iRun Member Member

    Not so much. No worries mate, I'm doing a terrible job trying to describe it.

    Basically the terrace I'm talking about is like this example: fill the tank with substrate so it's all level. Then add a row of rocks, side by side, several inches wide. Then you add more substrate behind the row of rocks. This creates a terraced look with deeper substrate behind the rocks and shallower substrate in front. It adds a cool element of focal depth to the tank from front to back.
  15. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    ohhh i know what your talking about. ive seen it before, but they used more mountain looking rocks. would it look good with these rocks?
  16. iRun Member Member

    My humble opinion...heck yeah.
  17. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    ok ill try it. ill probably do it in the 40 im doing since im changing this to a cichlid tank.