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    We're still not sure how to organize our tanks.  Here's what we have:

    Tank 1 - 48 gallons: New tank that has only been operating with fish for nearly 4 weeks.  PH level is about 6.5.  In it are several plants, 5 African Lampeyes and a small pair of Mickey Mouse Platties.

    Tank 2 - 16 gallons: Been operating with fish for about 7-8 months.  PH level is about 7.7.  In it are some plants, 1 guppy, 1 platy, 6 Glowlight Tetras, 5 Rummy Nose Tetras, 12 Cardinal Tetras, 3 Corydoras Catfish, and 2 Caridina Japonica shrimp. 

    Tank 3 - 6 gallons: Currently not in use but its filter has been running on 16-gallon tank above for about 3 weeks.

    Tank 4 - 2 gallons: Currently not in use. 

    We are trying to figure out the best way of utilizing our tanks with our existing fish and also with the purchase of new fish.  Do you have any suggestions based on the information above?  It seems that our Tank #2 maybe be slightly overstocked.  It also seems that the PH level is much higher than what is optimal for the fish we have.  However, the fish have seemed quite healthy and happy for some time. 

    How would you recommend we house the fish we have -- which fish with which fish and in which tanks??  What about some new fish?  Any suggestions?

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    ok WELCOME and im not an expert on levels like ph and ammonia but that ph does seem slightly high tank 2 is over stocked sorry dont know what african lampeyes are so cant help you there but wat size is the filter that was in tank 3 that you are using for tank2 tank 4 here are some options ghost shrimp afriacan dwarf frog two male bettas thats about it ill get back to you on the other tanks as i will try to find some iformation on the fish you have but tank 3 you have a lot more options same as before except guppys elonquin rasboras sorry for spellling corys lot more list later
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    Hi and welcome. I am by no means an expert, but your 16 gallon is definitely overstocked. It seems you have about 36 inches of fish in a tank that should really be able to accommodate 12-13 inches comfortably.....I would definitely recommend moving some fiah around.

    You corys would be a nice mix for the platys and guppy in the 48. Not sure what lampeyes are, but check the compatibilty with tetras and perhaps consider moving the some of the larger tetra species into the 48 as well since you have greater flexibility.

    The overcrowding in the 16 gallon could be the reason for the high pH.

    Ii would be a good idea for you to post your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels as well. I'm sure our two resident experts, Gunnie & Butterfly would like to take a look at the numbers and can better advise you from there.

    Good luck!
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    I truly appreciate your replies. First, African Lampeyes are very small killifish that max out at about 3 cm. They are quite compatable with all the tetras and other fish we have. As far as PH levels go, we are located in Tokyo, Japan. Directly out of the tap, the water is generally 7.5 to 7.7 here. So our 16g tank is quite normal. It may be that our 48g tank has a lower PH (6.5) because of the soil we are using instead of the stones/ gravel in our 16g. Someone recently recommended that we move all of our fish (except for our guppy and platy) to the 48g tank and then add a couple of bigger fish as a centerpiece. I think it's a great idea. However, what fish do you recommend for a communit tank that are bigger and compatable. I love some of those Lake Malawi Cichlids but many of them are aggressive, territorial, and / or not compatable with other smaller fish I believe. What do you recommend?

    Our Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels have been optimal. In other words, Ammonia also shows the very lowest reading as do Nitrite and Nitrate. Our 48g has only been running for almost 4 weeks. It is likely too early to make the change of any fish???

    Also, by adding Guppies to our 6g tank -- is that a mistake? Too small? I love guppies, but where could we put 6 of them or so?

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    Angle fish make a good centerpiece but i would do more research to see if they are compatable
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    WILD you live in Tokyo COOL!!! ;)
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    you have piqued my interest, are these tanks in you home or are they for a business?
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    Tank 2 is overstocked

    the pH in tank 2 is possibly too high for the tetras but they can adjust... pH of 7-8 is fine for livebearers so dont worry about yoru pH much and dont use those chemicals... just take out some of the tetras
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    Tank 2 is WAY overstocked. Move a bunch of the fish to tank 1 and a few to tank 3, then see how much room you have left in the tanks. The formula for how many inches of fish you can have is:
    Length x Width (inches) divided by 12 inches=total inches of fish for tank. This is based on the fact that each tropical fish (with the exception of very large fish or ones with special requirements, and it is a lot more for marine fish) needs 12 inches of surface area to provide enough oxygen.
    I do not recommend keeping ANY fish in anything less than 5 gallons, for a whole list of reasons which I can tell you if you want--yes that means tank 4.