Tank not clearing up

Afternoon All! Below is what my tank has looked like for over a year. I have not seen any ammonia spike, or ammonia at all in the past year and since no ammonia there has not been any nitrites/nitrates which I need for my tank. I used to do 50% water changes weekly but found out that's too much so I do 20% weekly and I use Seachem Prime for my water conditioner when I do my weekly water changes. I have been trying to add beneficial bacteria to my tank for weeks but that still is not working, and my tank is still not cycling. I have had 5 fish in there for a long time, and with the extra food/waste I though the cycle would begin since that's ammonia but that is still not working. I desperately need help! Please if you think I'm doing something wrong or have questions please ask because I want my tank to cycle, and finally be clear?
It looks like too much algae which is normally with too much waste or lighting . Is it near a window or lots of sunlight ?
its nearly impossible to get rid of green water at this scale just by water changes. if there are no live plants you can use chemicals. a safer way is an aquarium uv sterilizer, or black out the tank by putting a large blanket over the tank for a week. changing less water gave the green water an opportunity im guessing.
Too much light is a good start.

Why was 50% water change too much? You went all the way down to 20? You probably have tons of organics going on in there.
Are the 5 fish still alive? What filter do you have? How often and how do you clean it? What is the water ph?
This is the best algae guide by professional aquascapers:

Only way I could get rid of green water in my tank was good UV light.

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