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hey there, I am wanting to dive into the huge pool (or tank) of knowledge that everyone on this board has....
I have recently aqquired a 55 gallon tank, which I am going to cycle.

I think I have finally decided what kind of fish I want to put in it. I am going to have it heavily planted, because I love that look and, angelfish!!!

I love the look of black and white angelfish in a tank. and I was wondering, how many should I keep in a tank that size, angelfish being my main fish that is going to be in that tank, and what other small fish could I add for a bit of variety??

also, will the angelfish eat the plants?

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You can have more than 2 Angelfish in a  50 gallon tank, but to avoid any aggression among Angels it's best to have 2 Angels and especially a mated pair. If you absolutely have to have more than 2 Angels, get 4. In my 75 gallon tank, I'll have 4 Angels MAX (it will probably be only 2 because of their temperaments, plus I have a mated pair). If I were you, I'd get only 2 Angels, plus some other smaller beautiful fish. I am getting 6 cherry barbs and 6 harlequin rasboras for my 75G planted tank with the 2 Angels. If you like cherry barbs, why not get some of them? There are really plenty of small species to choose from for a 50 gallon tank Any idea which fish you like best? (Besides the Angels, that is.) I'll also have zebra danios, 3 rams, and maybe some diamond tetras in my 75G (diamond tetras and rams are truly beautiful).

Basically many tetras will do well with angels, as well as some Characins and Cyprinids. But before you buy any, check with us just in case (to see if they're compatible with Angels).

Do not get Tiger Barbs or any fin-nippers like them. They'll destroy your Anegls' finnage. (Cherry Barbs are the only barbs compatible with Angels in my opinion.)
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cool, yea I have some cherry barbs in my small 30 litre tank and I am quite partial to them...especially the males, theyre pretty
is there such thing as minI angels... dumb question, but worth asking with all the different types of fish these days.
can I have corys in there, bristle noses?, for all the domestic cleaning hahaha


I have 9 angels in my 42 gallon hex, but they're very small, only about dime sized. I expect I'll be weeding some out as they grow and pair off. But right now it's fun to watch them interact.

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