Tank Mates?

  1. meanddoxie

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    I am sure there is a thread somewhere but I looked through a few pages and couldnt find it so I thought I would post and hope for a link?
    I have a blue australian red claw and she is in a 30 gallon with about 5 square feet of space and about 12 inches of water. Anyway, my one tank has snails which she tears apart so she can't live with them. She can't live with plecos because she goes Edward Scissor Hands on them and pokes holes in their sail fins, she isn't aggressive but seems to just play rough.
    I was thinking a couple of cichlids may make good tank mates but my friend and LFS owner said that the cichlids will often bite at Sheila (my cray) on her long whisker things and legs and slowly kill her, esp if I get a breeding pair.
    I considered angels but again, they can't go with snails because they thing the antenna are fun to nip so I think they will do that to Sheila as well. they are also too tall for 12 inches.
    So now I am wondering about cory's? I also found mini plecos that only grow to 2-3 inches and they are really fast but I am not sure. What do you house with your crayfish? I know someone will always pick on someone else no matter what but I am hoping to make the BEST possible choice I can to live with Sheila.
  2. Tonia

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    I would house Sheila with only other crayfish. It is her nature to be nocturnal and to hunt and attack fish in her area. Some people can help control this by making sure the cray is very well fed, but your cray and the fish will be much better off not sharing a space. Cories will not hurt your crayfish, but she will kill and eat them if she gets a chance. The same with the pleco, after it sits still and particularly at night, it will be in danger of being killed, then you've lost money because of buying expensive crayfish food, lost some happiness because of trying to force her to not follow her true nature and lost lives when she kills the fish in the tank.
  3. OP

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    Thanks, thats what i was afraid of. I sort of figured she would likely be in hunting mode most of the time and community fish are so interested in everything around them that they would be an easy catch while trying to watch her. She was okay with my large pleco because he is bigger than she is BUT he still got some holes and I prefer to NOT see through my fish! I read that these crayfish prefer to be alone unless it is a potential mate and that she would likely eat a different breed of cray so now I am wondering if I should try and order a male australian red claw or if she would be happiest alone? As far as food goes I don't do anything fancy, i give her a lot of variety at different times of the day and night because I figur in the lakes bugs and what not come at different times and not on a schedule. She LOVES spirulina tabs, but willl also go and grab flakes and betta food, she eats a lot of fresh veggies. After she ate most of my plants I figured she would probably enjoy a freh veggie diet best and she really does seem to. The store had her on shriimp pellets but they dont have much nutrition and she always went for the spiruina tabs first. From what I have read her species tends to be more vegetarian than other crays. I love her she is awesome! Perhaps when I upgrade my main tank she will be able to go back into the community if I have plent of hiding spots for her and the other fish.