Tank Mates For Red, Silver Tip And Red Eye Tetras?


    LHARTWICK New Member Member

    I have a 72G tank. It's been running for about 10 years. Water parameters are all normal. PH usually runs 7.6. Lots of artificial plants and hiding spots. I have 6 each of red serpae, silver tip and red eye tetras. I bought 6 danios a couple of weeks ago - all were dead by next morning. I bought 6 platys last weekend - all were dead w/in 4 days. I strongly suspect the tetras of bullying them to death, specifically the red ones. I really don't want to get any more tetras as I'm tired of seeing them kill my new fish that I try. Any suggestions for fish that will "keep them in their place" until they are gone? I know that sounds bad, but I don't have anyone to give the tetras to, so I'll just have to wait for them to die off I guess. Not sure what to do. I love the high activity level of the tetras but NOT the bullying. Help??
  2. BottomDweller

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    How about a pleco? Maybe a bristlenose?

    6 is not very many. I would start by upping the silvertips and red eyes to 8 and upping the serpaes to 12. Serpaes often get aggressive if kept in small groups, getting more should help with aggression and nipping.
  3. DoubleDutch

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    I serious doubt the tetras bullied or killed your fish.
  4. OP

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    BottomeDweller: Thank you for your response. So would a larger school keep them from picking on other species? Re: the pleco - I've had one in the past and loved it. I do need to get another. The fish store that he came from is about an hour away, so I'll need to make the trip.

    DoubleDutch: I've read several other posts on these boards from fish keepers who have had the same problem with the red serpae tetras. And when I placed those other fish in the tank, I watched the red tetras chase and harass them. I'm just going by what I've seen/read.