Tank mates for platinum honduran red point cichlid


I need help stocking my 55 gallon around a 4 inch platinum honduran red point. He has proven to be a little more aggressive than I expected. What could live with him? Could I do severums? Or firemouth cichlids? Different kinds of Geophagus? Please help!!





Dom90 said:
I don't think severums would work, I'm pretty sure they get 6-8". Try salvinI cichlids or keyhole cichlids.
Yes severums get to big for a 55. I wouldn't put anything in a 55 with a salvini. Keyholes are too passive to be in with convict types. Firemouth would work. Geophagus steindachnerI aka red hump geo would work as well.


I agree with slayer, and H. efasciatus and H. notatus get a foot long, which is too big. They are more common than the smaller two in the genus, H. spurius and H. severus, which are 4 and 6 inches respectively.

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