Tank Mates For Future Betta In A 10g Tank

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Toothless17, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Toothless17New MemberMember

    image.jpg Hi everyone,

    I just lost my first fish & Betta on Saturday. I made so many mistakes with him, it breaks my heart because those mistakes cost him his life. I had him only 9 months. I have learned a lot from them though & feel much better prepared.

    I have his 10 gallon heated, filtered tank that I would eventually like to populate with another Betta. It has 3 moss balls & the rest is silk plants.

    My plans are to get tank mates for this future Betta.

    I'm thinking a Cory for a bottom feeder & a school of Cardinal Tetras. Would this overpopulate the tank? I read mixed reviews when I research it.

    Also, possibly a small piece of driftwood.

    Opinions on this? We wanted to get Blue Ocean some tank mates but have read it's better to establish the community before adding the Betta.
  2. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    For cardinals and cories the recommended minimum is a 20 gallon tank. Really the only thing recommended for a 10 with a betta would be shrimp and snails. There just isnt room for everyone to get away from each other if the betta decides to get grumpy or the fish pick on it.
  3. BuganjimoWell Known MemberMember

    For future reference, cories need schools too, but imo, they’re not well suited for 10 gals.

    You could do snails and shrimp... probably not what you’re looking for but it’s an option. Glowlight tetras would work I’d think. I’ve never had a betta community in a 10 gal, but I have in a 20 gal, they can work, but it’s a touch and go type thing for a while. They can go very well, they can also go badly.

    I’d suggest getting the betta first, and seeing what their temperament is like first, then go from there.
  4. Toothless17New MemberMember

    Thank you for the advice, I do appreciate it.

    Are there snails that do not breed out of control? I had a pest snail infestation before (another mistake) & I am so leary of snails ever since.

    Also, would Cherry shrimp work?
  5. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    If your are set on tank mates in a 10g, this will all depend on the Betta, I have some Bettas that don't even react to other Bettas and seem so docile you could have 2 together (never would do this), and other Bettas will kill anything that moves including snails.. So it will mainly depend on what the Betta will allow.

    Personally my tanks will at most have 1 Betta, 2 Otocinclus, 1 snail and that is it. I have 11 tanks like this, right now only one of my tanks has a Betta by it self as it kills anything that moves. My tanks are also fully planted and gives places for the Otocinclus to hide if the Betta wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, altho with the exception of 1 of my bettas, I have never seen any of the others go after the otos...

    As for shrimp, in my experience the Betta will eat them once they catch them, I have tried ghost and Cherry shrimp, Bettas eat them all eventually, its like a treat for them:)

    I use Mystery snails in my tanks, just keep the water level up to the top and the snail wont lay eggs.
  6. Toothless17New MemberMember

    Are there any snails that can't breed unless they're with a pair?
    It was in a live plant (anubis) on which the pest snails arrived. Obviously I would quarantine any live plants before adding them to the tank but, if I see snails on it / in quarantine container, are there ways to get rid of them or is the plant garbage?
  7. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    nerite snails need brackish/saltwater to have viable little ones so they will not reproduce in freshwater. They can lay eggs but nothing becomes of them.
  8. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    I have a few of them to, my problem is the eggs, sure they don't hatch, but they are on EVERYTHING ! :nailbiting: lol
  9. Toothless17New MemberMember

    So how many nerite snails would you recommend for a 10 gallon?

    Would they thrive with a piece of driftwood?
  10. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    If you only have one mystery snail, he wont breed.. they only live for 1-3 years tho.
    I use a peroxide dip on my plants to make sure they are clean, best to quarantine them as egg sacks could be dormant on the plant as well... I use 6 parts water 1 part peroxide, and let plant sit for 5 minutes in it (try to keep the root out of mix)
  11. Toothless17New MemberMember

    Could the eggs not hide on the roots as well?
    And how long to quarantine?
    Food grade peroxide? (35%) Or regular first aide type peroxide?
  12. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    Regular Hydrogen Peroxide 3%.

    I suppose they could be on the roots, but when you plant them in the ground, you will crush the eggs, or they will just rot away. To be honest I have fully submerged most of my plants in the solution, and they turn out fine, it just stunts them for awhile tho it has been said that it can kill some plants if it gets on the roots, but i have not see this..

    I have also read somewhere on here that people   permanganate to kill all the critters on there plants.. This may be more of a guarantee l if you are really worried about pests. I am not sure how to use this method, but lots of info on google :)
  13. phantomValued MemberMember

    Malaysian trumpet snails
  14. Toothless17New MemberMember

    thank you!