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Hello :)

I’m a newer fish owner and I have a few questions regarding tank mates for my betta. I’m wondering if it is possible to have any tank mates with a betta in a 10 gallon aquarium? If this is possible, can you give me some information about it? What kind of fish/snails can live with a betta in a 10 gallon? How many? Thank you! :)


Nerites seem the best as far as snails go, as they don't usually expose a lot of soft tissue to attack if the betta is so inclined. Fish, well, so far i have avoided that myself.
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It totally depends on the tempermant of your betta. Some are fine with a small school of nano fish in a ten gallon and others can’t be housed with anything that moves no matter the size of the tank.
I would try a Nerite snail and see how he does with other movement. If he’s fine with that then I would experiment with a few shrimp, just be prepared to separate and return them if it doesn’t work out.
If you have your heart set on other fish instead of shrimp, you could try corys or a small tetra. Again just be prepared to separate them and be aware that it’s more likely to not work out.
If it were me I would try shrimp if the tank is planted with lots of hiding spots
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Thanks for the help! I don’t think I am going to house him with other fish now that I see there’s a chance of having to separate them. Snail(s) are a possibility. I’m still going seriously consider upgrading him from his 3 gallon to a 10 gallon because his current tank is quite small. I want what’s best for my baby! :)
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Mine nips at guppy fins. But as long as i keep him fed he seems to leave them be most of the time.
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I had a Betta in a 10 gallon. I tried pygmy corydoras but had to move them because the Betta chased them constantly. He attached the mystery snails antennas and bit them off. He ate a cherry shrimp. I kept kuhli loaches for a while and those were just okay. They hid under a rock where the Betta couldn't get to them all day and only came out after lights out. Not much fun to watch since I never saw them but still technically a fish tank mate.

The only thing I recommend is nerite snails. He flares at them but doesn't bite.
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