Tank Mate For Electric Blue Acara: What Worked For You?

  1. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    I have an electric blue acara in my 38 bow with one bn pleco and a pictus. It looks really empty... i was having a stocking forum in builds recently and it occured to me i needed some more experienced answers on just compatibility with my EBA. What combos have been successful with your EBA with minimal aggression? (I made this as it was distracting from that original post.)
  2. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Not me personally, but the show tank in my LPS has several blue acara along with a severum, green terror, a few other unidentified American cichlids and several of the larger + more peaceful Africans (frontosa, peacock etc). There's also an assortment of bottom dwellers including several species of pleco, synodontis, loaches, and I believe there's a large pictus or two as well. When looked at closely, you can spot dozens of fry among the rocks.

    I believe their success is due to the large tank, large number of inhabitants, and their hard-scaping (tons of lava rock(?))

  3. MHansen12 Member Member

    I mean you have a 38g bow... but from past experience my EBA got along AMAZINGLY with my BP. Sadly my EBA died to some weird parasite.

    Although I personally would only have a BP in a 40+ tank.
  4. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Thats good to know. My EBA has lived with a few different fish in its life and he seems pretty chill. I just dont want to get a tank mate and it kill HIM. Especially in my size tank im prob looking at another acara, keyholes, etc. and my tank is a deep 38 not long.

    I would like somethen the size of the acara or so. The other two inhabitants stay pretty close to their respective halves of the ship wreck. The acara hangs around my driftwood. He only uses like a quarter of the tank. Literally looks like its empty. Hes maybe 3.5-4 inches atm.

  5. MHansen12 Member Member

    Send a picture of the tank, and I can offer advice. Also need to know the gender. And what kind of tank you want (Community/Separate Territories)
  6. zcpetty Well Known Member Member


    Not sure gender..
  7. MHansen12 Member Member

    You have quite the nice EBA... personally for that setup, you could probably get away with a giant danio school, Denison barbs, Convicts, and Angel fish. I personally recommend schools of about 5-6 considering the tank size.

    Also, I'm pretty sure it's a male

  8. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Sorry! The app just flipped out.. if an admin comes by, please help and clean out the dups?
    And wont convicts be a little too agro with my EBA?

    Edit: there WERE danios.. they became lunch lol!
  9. MHansen12 Member Member

    If you only have a male, I think he should be ok. Just provide ample hiding spaces and a get out of jail card it if doesn't work out. Just make sure at the time the convict is either same or smaller in size
  10. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    no no no , Denison barbs get to 6" and need to be in schools of 6+ , a 48" long aquarium is needed.

    I would not house a convict with a blue acara , convicts are to aggressive, and tank size wouldn't be appropriate.

    I wouldn't do an anglefish either because the blue acara would probably be to aggressive.

  11. MHansen12 Member Member

    Angelfish can definitely hold their own; Blue Acaras are quite docile.

    I've housed a convict before and if you read what I said, it says make sure at the time it's smaller or same size as the acara.

    Mistake on the barbs though.
  12. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    in a bowfront I wouldn't do two mid/top dwelling cichilds if anything I would do 2 rams , I would just keep the blue acara with a large group of schooling fish , large group of bottom dwellers.

    something like this

    1 Blue Acara
    2 Rams what's your current temp at?
    12 Harlequin Rasboras or Lemon Tetras
    10 Corys
    1 BN pleco

    and honestly I would try rehoming the picture catfish , as they do best in groups and are huge active swimmers a 55g is the bare minimum for them.

    maybe in a large tank I might agree with the convict but not in a 38 gallon bowfront. Convicts need lots of space or else are very aggressive.

    EBA are pretty docile depending on individual personality but not as docile as anglefish. I think it's to small of foot print in a 38g bowfront to keep the two together.
  13. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    It is an electric blue acara, more docile and stays smaller. Males are usually bout the side of a large female standard blue acara.

    My only ever convict (i sold to my friend) was a killing machine- which is why im hesitant lol. Big blue is my fav and he wasnt cheap around here either, but the tank looks super empty as my pictus and bn only come out when they so please- usually about this time at night. So big blue is the only guy swimming around and he seems to favor that tree/left wall. He WILL eat anything that fits in his mouth.. all 8 danios in 3 days... and he even eats MTS right out of their shells.. hes a pig but a friendly giant. Hes a chicken when the catfishes want what hes eating lol.
  14. MHansen12 Member Member

    This I do know from research; Lemon/Harlequin would not work. They are around the same size as Neons and if they can fit a fish in their mouth, EBA will try.
  15. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    lemon tetra are wide bodied and get 2" lol keep doing research.

    no where near the same size as neons.
  16. MHansen12 Member Member

    Neons are about 1.5" that's a .5" diff. But whatever
  17. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    btw I no it's EBA , it's a hibernization between a blue acara and electric blue ram thus creating a smaller version of a blue acara. They only get 4" while a blue acara gets 6-8".

    the difference is neons are thin while lemon tetras are wide bodied. EBA can't fit it in its mouth and won't view it as food.
  18. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Pictus is.. a word i cant mention and is a loner. He does not like other pictus. At my lfs he was the loner who killed his own kind twice. Got him for frEeeEeeEee. :p he doesnt mess with anyone but other pictus though. I think he is stunted too hes maybe 6months when i got him and he is only like 2.5-3 in.

    Edit: he munches my MTS all night which helps me a LOT lol
  19. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    really thats interesting , normaly they love being in groups and having "friends". but hey to each their own right.
  20. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Hes an odd duck.. he hid behind my filter for a week and now hes right at home. Likes to hang with my BN. Hes "sharking" around now. I think he just spent waaay too long in a 20gal lfs tank. 6months no buyer..
  21. MHansen12 Member Member

    Just curious, if your LFS has some cheap catfish, I would test buying lime 4-5 catfish and seeing if he kills all of them. Could've just been a fluke before and if he has 4-5 he could be dethroned from the alpha pos.
  22. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    He was free for being a non-selling stock killer. Im sure i would have to pay for more lol. And i dont want to spend like $20 on fodder. He seems chill with my current amigos so i wont bug him too much. Lfs guy thinks he was stunted too, but said in my tank he should naturally get a few more inches if hes not. ANYWHO- would another acara be impossible? Electric or standard?