Tank Mate For 18 Neon Tetras 40g Breeder

Scott T

I currently have a lightly planted 40 gallon breeder with some drift wood in it and 18 neon tetras. What are good tank mates for them to have with them? I wasn't looking to add another school of fish but more of a one or two combo. I've been told that maybe a single betta or an angelfish would be the way to go. Thoughts?



Bolivian rams would do well or some type of Apistogramma.
Can't say on betta and wouldn't due angels with small tetras myself .
A bushy nosed pleco for a individual fish and maybe like 6-8 of some type cory or oto .


wouldn't do the neons with the angels or betta, both do better in higher temps than the neons, particularly the angel.

the ram or apisto are both great choices, I'd also reccomend a gourami. There's several species that should work well the neons and are beautiful.


Angel ate all my neons. Angels get really big, like dinner plates


I wouldn’t do the angels either they get nippy with tank mates when bigger. Mine atm chance each other from time to time but it’s only them and some kuhlI loaches atm.

A pair or German Blue Rams or an apisto (sp) species would do good imo.

Also honey/peral goruimI should do fine with them aswell.

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