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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by chicgirliegirl, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Help! I'm an aquarium newbie. I have had a 16 gallon tank set up now for a couple of months and it is doing great! I have platys and guppies, and one plecco for algae eating purposes! So far, everyone is happy and healthy. The cycling process went extremely well. Yes, I did it with fish but no one seems worse for wear.

    My problem: while doing some maintenance today I decided to wear latex gloves as I have some cuts and abrasions on my hands. Not until after I had 'dipped in' did I even consider the powder on the inside of the gloves. I'm quite stressed about the possibility of this powder harming the inhabitants of my tank. Need I be worried? I really hope to hear from someone!
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    Hi chicgirliegirl!! Welcome to Fish Lore!! :;hi1

    Most powders in gloves are a cornstarch base. I wouldn't be too concerned, but it you got the inside of your gloves wet, they probably didn't do you any good, because it's you the gloves are suppose to protect, so that you don't get infection. Once again, probably no cause for concern. Use a little hydrogen peroxide on your cuts as a preventative measure, but although sometimes people have a problem getting infections from their tank, it is rare. In the future though, if you would like to take preventative measures by wearing gloves, I'd try a pair of long rubber gloves for the kitchen (new of course) and use them for a fish only set, then try to keep the tops of the gloves out of the water.

    Rest at ease, I believe both your fish tank and you will be perfectly "A" OK. ;)

    Once again, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
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    This won't help you now but the majority of the latex gloves on the market are powder free. It reduces the chance of developing latex allergies. The powder itself is not the problem.

    I'm guessing here but I wore powdered latex gloves for years operating inside people's body cavities and reactions were rare. The odd person developes a granulomatous reaction to them (inflamation) but that is just a trivial reaction. That would lead me to believe that they should not be toxic to fish.
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    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! :)

    Check out the Aqua Gloves in the link below:

    I hope you enjoy the site.

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    Oh hey Ken, those gloves look fantastic for somebody that needs to take precautionary measures. I've never seen them around, but I probably have never looked in the right place. LOL

    Great Link!! ;)