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Hi all,
Thanks for your time. I've had a quick check at the 'Fish Lore' web site and not found much info that I need.

I'm into my second week cycling my first fish tank, which is 55gal, and my wife & I are unsure how to go about changing the regular 20% of water with clean, treated, preheated water
without upsetting my two fish (Molly, Swordtail) and continuing with the cycling so I can fill the tank up with a couple of plants fill it with some fish.

Thanks again


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Do not take the fish out of the tank. If you are using a regular syphon where you drain water into a bucket and then pour it out, simply take out the 20% of water and slowly pour your new water in, preferably over something in your tank like a rock or piece of driftwood so the waterfall affect will be broken somewhat. They should be just fine with this, just add the water slowly if you can. I use a python, and the water flow is pretty swift going back into my tanks, but the fish don't seem to mind. Once your tank is cycled, or if you have a lot of waste on your gravel, only vacuum about half the tank at each cleaning so the bacteria won't be too disturbed.


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When I change the water in my tanks I drain out the water using a syphon and drain into 5gal buckets. i take the water out and in clean bucks I fill it with warm water from my sink treat it and then pour it in.


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I've been useing 5 gallon buckets also for my 55 gallon tank. I use a syphon and then pour the fresh water back in with the same buckets. Be sure you use a product that gets rid of chlorine and chlorimine(*Start Right).

As Gunnie stated above be sure you have somrthing(preferably a nice rock) in the tank when adding the fresh water back in. If not you'll have gravel going everywhere in the tank and you'll have to fix the gravel when completed.

As for scareing the fish, no need to worry about this. All my fish love coming over when the new water is added back in (have'nt lost 1 fish during a water change.

This is one of the best times,at least for me, to throw the blood worms in as the filter's won't suck them all in. Plus it keeps the fishey's mind's on something else.

There were times I was doing 50% and sometimes more water changes and have had no problems with genocide in my tank. Of course I have lost fish during the cycling process but not as many as I should have due to my blunder by not cycling the tank in the first place and adding over 20 fish at one time.

BTW I'm nearing the 2 month period with my tank and finally everything is starting to level out as far as the water readings are.

Just keep doing what your doing and everything will be fine. There are alot of good people on here that will help in anyway possible.

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