Tank looks greenish

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Hi, Maybe I am paranoid, but I always feel like my tank has a slightly greenish tint to it. I for the life of me can not figure out why.

It is a 75 gallon(glass). Has 4 angels and a large pleco (close to 10")
I have two large whisper filters on it each for 60 gallons, one on each end of the tank.
I have a bubble wall in the back, as well as an additional air stone in a treasure chest for oxygen.
The tank has been cycled for quite some time now. Pretty close to a year I would say.
There are no live plants (with the exception of two mariomo balls) as I read they were bad for plecos (not sure if that's true or not)
I do weekly water changes of usually 25% sometimes more if needed. The water looks crystal clear coming out, save for vacuuming the gravel which gets kinda icky sometimes.
I use larger river rocks for substrate.
I do test regularly with apI master kit. Ammonia nitrite are at zero and nitrate is right around zero too, maybe a little above. Ph is 8. Water temp is 76.
I feed them several different things. Algae wafers for the pleco (not all of the time) tetra min tropical mix crisps, and tetra color granules. they occasionally get blood worms and brine shrimp too.

I have several other tanks, a 55, 2 40 breeders, and a 20 and none of them have this problem so for the life of me I can not figure it out.

also, 2 of the angels have been spawning so I set up the 40gal tall for them. I used an established filter to get it cycling. The tests are pretty close. no ammonia or nitrite. Ph is 8.2-8.4 temp 76 and nitrate is right around 10. I am really concerned about moving the angels over there. They are my babies and I don't want them to die. But at the same time they are getting fairly aggressive towards the other two now. So I don't want stress issues for them either. Any advise you have would be greatly appreciated.
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The green may be from the wafers.
What and how much type of light does the tank get?
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it is pretty much out of direct sunlight. I am not sure how to tell what kind of light it has. It has the standard hood that came with it. Is there a way for me to find out?
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The questions was referring to if you had special plant bulbs.
How long are the lights on each day?
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Its on pretty long probably about 12 hours. But there is no algae growth anywhere.
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It may be free floating algae in the water.
Try cutting you hours back to 9 and see if that helps.
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Look straight down into the tank, dose it look greenish or clear?

Look straight down into the tank, dose it look greenish or clear? Because you said the water looks clear when you take it out.
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The water looks clear.

I am wondering if maybe the lighting itself is causing it to look like that. I do have tanish/yellowish colored substrate.
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How long have the bulbs been is use?
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I had the same thing going on with my largest tank. It was the combination of light and the fake green plants made the water look greenish. It was more noticeable on the side that had the most green fake plants.

I agree it's a combination of your lighting and your substrate. Lol

Edit: I don't have a background on it either and I believe the wall coloring was a part of it too. Which is a tan color.
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Good afternoon,

If you do have a green water bloom, the Micron Filter Pads in the link below will remove it. These pads clog easily and need to be replaced every 2 or 3 days. You can soak the used pads in bleach/water solution for 48 hours, rinse them, let them air dry and they are ready to use again. You can cut them to fit your filter.

These pads will remove an algae bloom (green water) but they will not remove a bacterial blooms (white water). Bacterial Blooms need to run their course.


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