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Tank Leak!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Esimm03, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    So I purchased a betta to come by post next week, the issue is I dropped his tank , as it's Perspex there is a crack now[ ][ ].

    Any ideas on how to fill it ?

    Can I use duct tape for now or is there anything else I can use as a quick solution?

    I'd prefer not to fork out the cash for a new one.


  2. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    Is it a plastic/acrylic tank or glass?

  3. ArnisonXXVI New Member Member

    Nah man, once the weight of the water is in its just gunna split open, the tank is going to have to cycle before you put in the betta so you wouldnt have been able to put him in whwn he arrives amyway unless it was cycled of course, only time you can really fix a tank os if its gone at the seals rather than cracked mate

  4. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    It's acrilic

    I had cycled it (I emptied it into a bucket to move it and was going to refill when moved)

    Won't fish safe silicone work?

    My only other tank is a small 5 gallon , is that too small?


    P.s the crack is from the top of the tank down towards the middle.
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  5. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    It appears there are products that work to fix cracks in acrylic fyi

  6. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member


    I'll see if I have another one. Will he be ok if the water level is low ish as the crack is only about 3 cm from the top.
  7. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    Yes, he will be just fine, sounds like that will still be ~4 gal of water. Be aware though that with water in there the pressure outwards on the wall of the tank may make that crack larger.
  8. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member


    I swear I had a smaller tank someware. If I don't find it will the 5L be ok for a few days until I fix something up for him?

  9. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    The betta will be fine in the 5 gallon. I'd get your cycled filter running in there. You will then be able to take your time repairing and testing the cracked tank.

    I just saw 5 litres not gallons, that is small. Is that the only other thing you have? Get creative, New plastic bins? 12 litre punch bowl?
  10. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    What kind of filter do you have? You mentioned that your 5gal was cycled, just wondering if you can move it to the other tank you are talking about.
  11. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not even sure the 5L thing is a fish tank ( might be for transporting things like hamsters to and from the vet?)

    I could use my water change bucket in a pinch if I can't find another one in the shed or garage.

  12. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Yup, just clean it very well!
  13. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    Not sure but I think it's a tetra filter.
  14. cjbart1009 Valued Member Member

    If it's one of those critter carriers you'll be fine as a temporary enclosure. Just switch out the water every two or three days since you don't have a filter on it. I always try to give my Betta at least a 2.5 gallon tank minimum with twice a week water changes. I only feed my Betta two or three times a week with pellets.
  15. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    OKy doke, do you have a heater?
    Also get that filter on something and get some (de-chlorinated) water running through it to keep the cycle going. since its gonna be a week and you plan to be gone you might want to toss some food in the water to keep the cycle going as well.
  16. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member


    I have a heater and filter, I'll add some biological media from my display to make up for any die-off.

    I'll have to do a heater switch as my current beta has a small heater as this new one has a different heater but it's too big for the tub.


    Found the tank[ ]

    Hope the bacteria didn't die off


    So I found a tank and filled it half with tap water and half with my display tank water (I used tap safe). Is there any more I need to do?

    Fingers crossed it cycles in time[ ]

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 8, 2017
  17. Bizarro252 Well Known Member Member

    Nice! you should be fine since you kept the filter alive, worst case like you said you can steal some cycled media from your other tank :) I would toss a tiny bit of food in there to feed the cycle until your fish comes, and just do a large water change before adding him.
  18. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    I put a tiny bit of food in there (isn't it called phantom feeding?)

    I've asked the tank sitter to leave the tank.

    Luckily it's a 21L tank from my first ever betta so he should be fine living there untill he dies.

    Is there anything else I can put in the 21L
    With him apart from inverts? (When I first got the tank I had a dwarf gourami on their as I thought they needed a 20L tank instead of 20G !)

  19. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd only put a snail and maybe some shrimp in a 5 gallon. It really will depend on the betta. I have one that I can't put anything in with. After he killed the second snail, that was it. My other two have snails and one has shrimp.
  20. Esimm03 Well Known Member Member


    He's a hmpk betta and is quite young (4 months )

    I might put a nerite snail in with him .

    Could I put a peacock Gudgeon in with him or is it too small?