tank is slowly turning into a jungle! How Do I

  1. MJDuti

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    I have a fully cycled 10G (stats are in my profile), and will take a pic when I get home from work tonight. I used eco-complete and was dosing with Excel but don't think that's needed at the moment. This isn't really a bad thing, because the plants are doing great, but more specifically my wisteria and crypts are growing like weeds! I just wish my windelov fern did that. Even my ludwigia repens is doing great! I'm assuming I will have to propagate soon. Nothing will just "stop" growing right?

    What is the best way to propagate wisteria? I read you can just clip a branch or leaf off and that's it. Let's say only the tip of the leaf is dieing, can you just remove part of it? The top of the plant is just starting to grow out of the water. If I remove the bushy top part, how will it grow back? It looks great now, but I will Need to clip it soon. I just don't want a plant that looks like it has no top. I'm guessing it will grow back quickly though with the rate it's going.

    My other question is how do you propagate crypt leaves? I got these at a store (All Pets Club...great place!) labeled "wonder bulbs". They looked like crypts (maybe vals), so I asked the guy and he agreed...so who knows. Anyways, the plant has 3-4x the amount of leaves it started with and they are getting LoOoOong! I wish some would just stay shorter. Do I have to remove the whole leaf and is it possible to cut the leaf, say, in half?

    While I'm asking, might as well think ahead. What is the best way to propagate ludwigia repens?
    ...there are also no plant icons in the "smilies"
    Also, are there any good grooming tools out there? I find sometimes it's hard to do everything with your hands.
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    A pair of small sharp scissors is my tank trimming buddy :)
    You can trim or pinch the top out od the wisteria, same with repens.
    If you cut the crypt leaves they will turn brown where you cut them. there's not much you can do for them except put them in a taller tank.

    As for the java fern they are slow growers regardless :)
    Hope that helped.