Tank Is Out Of Wack

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The new 40B tank that my cousins have (currently staying with them) is out of wack. It’s been cycled for almost a week now. The stock is
She is getting these on Friday
The current tank parameters are ammonia= .50 nitrite= .25 nitrate= around 7 pH= 7.5-ish I did a %50 water change but it didn’t help so is there any way I can get 0 0?
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You need time and to stop adding new fish until it is comepltelty cycles. The ammonia is toxic to fish so I would use Seachem prime to detoxify your water so your current fish don’t die. By waiting to add more fish your tank can build beneficial and complete the nitrogen cycle. Unfortunately the tank is not cycled yet. It should be 0,0,0-20 for nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate for it to be cycled. Also sometimes plecos can be territorial and I’m not sure if you’d need two for your tank.

As a side note since you have 3 female platy and 1 male be prepared for a lot of fries since they breed like rabbits
Jocelyn Adelman
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Likely the angels will eat all the fry so population control is relatively well managed.

A 50% Change will reduce values by 50% (assuming source water is 0). When experiencing a bump in cycle it is often helpful to do larger wc, or a few back to back ones. You might need to do this for quite some time, esp as New Fish are going to be added Friday. I would attempt to contact the source of the new Fish until the bump is resolved, then be prepared for another possible bump after adding.
Would also recommend absolutely no more fish, stocking here is already a bit over the top
Prime can be dosed (for entire tank volume) to neutralize ammonia and nitrites up to 1ppm, need to dose every 24hrs. Issue with this is while prime is active your results might be wonky.
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Okay thank you! We will not get another pleco then. Will be doing daily water changes and adding prime until Friday and then continue this on Saturday if it’s still out of wack
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Ah, yeah forgot about the Angels
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You need to take it slower.
With so much going on, like you have now, if things go wrong (as they are starting to based on this thread title) it becomes difficult to impossible to identify and correct a specific cause. Stability (the state of being stable, not the seachem product ) will be your friend, and that comes with time.
Let the tank and it’s inhabitants settle in for a month or two, then see about adding the next batch of fish. I know you want the perfect tank now, and lots of planning has probly already gone into this, but speaking from my own relatively recent experience, taking it slow will yield more rewards in the long run.
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So it looks like the 2 red platy’s will pop within a week but it’s hard to say since I can’t see there gravid spot so I’m going by belly size and experience, the blie female platy looks like 5 days if that but the gravid spot is enlarged, and the male (clearly) is the other blue platy. I recommend to her to get a breeder box and put the fry in there because the LFS will take them and give you $1 each so if you have 40 fry you get $40. So that will keep the population down also.

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