Tank Is Cycling Again, Brings A Tear To Me Eye + (pleco Question)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Professor Catfish, Apr 17, 2018.

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    A question before some musings; My partner keeps cichlids in hard alkaline water (I think it's a 50G), he's planning on a new community tank with more standard parameters. A Pleco has been living in his tank for 3 years now (Professor Catfish ;) ), she's hardy and has survived through a lot. But we're worried the change in water parameters killing her. She would be the only fish during a process of gradual increments of change before any new fish. Do you guys think she could adapt to something like this? Any advice as how to go about slowly tippling the water to standard freshwater conditions? There is also a piece of live rock in there that buffers the PH quite high.
    I can post back later with more specific measurements, he's gone to work.


    Fishkeeping forces you to be diligent in the sort of way that, when one thing goes wrong suddenly it all goes wrong. And when you thought you were done with that, something else was biding its time to show up at the party like the creepy uncle nobody invited.
    Over the past few weeks I've seen some great hobbyists ripping their hair out on this forum, with expensive and most importantly loved fin friends. I wish I could quote the goldfish I saw in an elaborate quarantine set-up consuming what was once a bedroom. :D
    My partner is going to be changing his cichlid tank to a more er... peaceful community tank. (He wants to get Pictus Catfish thanks to my catfish obsession ;p YAY).
    Anyway I hope you and your fish woke up well today, see ya'll around. :p
    glub glub glub
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    GLUB GLUB GLUB to you as well. But I agree, it's usually a snowball effect.