Tank Is Always Green And Cloudy? Help

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    I am new at this and need some help. Added fish when I should not have but they are doing fine. I have a 37 gallon. Fluvall 70. 7 Amazon swords two are full grown and the rest and small and growing. I have a dwarf gourami, Molly, cori, pleco and 4 tetras. Not sure ify tank is still cycling or getting too much sunlight. Getting mixed answers whenever I research. pH is about 8.2 and need some driftwood. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are all steady at almost 0 with every test. Have the API chemical test. Have not done a water change in a week. My problem is the tank is always green and cloudy. Not sure if it is still cycling or too much sunlight. It does not get direct sunlight but gets a lot of indirect sunlight in the evening hours. Only been about 3-4 weeks. But I have yet to see any spikes in ammonia, nitrites, nitrates. I only added plants recently to try and combat the algae. The plants are doing great and the fish do not seem stressed. I reduced water changes but still no spikes. Do I need a UV filter or more patience?

    Oh and when should I vacuum? I read not to do it when it's cycling so I have not been.
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    You should get at least 3 cories, they get lonely. Also tetras like to be in schools of 5 or more. Do a water change to get rid of the green stuff. The rest looks good!
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    IMG_20180620_184028.jpg IMG_20180524_204807.jpg I had to get a UV filter but now it looks great. It finally cycled too! It was indeed getting too much indirect sunlight. Once it cleared up i turned it off for a couple days and i noticed some green in the water so i turned it back on. And i got two more cories and they are happy and all sleep in a pile!

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    Oh yeah, the UV filter will 100% take care of your algae problems but it's almost never necessary for freshwater.

    All types of algae is caused by either excess nutrients in the water and/or too much light reaching the tank. I have an algae issue in a 45G right now, but I leave that tank's lights on...basically 24/7, which is why. I don't think indirect sunlight would've caused such a thick unicellular algae though. It's possible but I'm not sure how likely it is. I'm thinking you may also have some excess nutrients in the water as well. Either way, the UV sterilizer will take care of any algae in the future, but otherwise, keep up on bi-weekly/weekly water changes and a light cycle of under 6hrs per day and you'll never have to deal with it again. (kinda).

    Edit: and you're right, it does look great, what a difference.
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    Hello iam...

    This is a kind of what I call non-beneficial bacteria that has grown in the tank water. This can happen to tanks that haven't completed the nitrogen cycle. The best way of removing it is large, regular water changes.

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    Actually that green water is a Good Thing (tm), it means you have HOLY CRAP TONS of Nitrates and you're done cycling, the reason they're testing so low is all that green algae is eating it.

    Now you need to limit ammonia in and it'll resolve on it's own, don't over feed your fish (like tiny amounts once a day or every other day) will be ideal and the more plants the merrier to soak all the nitrate up.

    It's REALLY normal to have boggy water so early in a tank and the solution is usually to let it settle not fight against it. :) You can also help your tank by getting a cover to limit light to it if it's really getting too much.

    @FishGirl38 - you shouldn't leave the lights on 24/7 fish and plants need a day/night cycle to be healthy!
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    I'm aware of that, the 45gal tank is 1 of 5. I have a Fluval Aquasky on that tank and it's hard to turn it off sometimes it's such a nice light. Though fish need a day/night cycle to be healthy, I haven't had any problems with the fish in that tank. The algae is bad, as its GSA, but my fish are doing wonderful. My favorites are my angelicus loaches.
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    Small Tanks Valued Member Member

    You should look at getting a blue LED night light then that won't feed the algae and will simulate moon light to give the fish and plants a rest while you still can see them.
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    LOL that's HILARIOUS.....I'm so dumb. And you're so right and I never thought of that! Why am I so absent minded sometimes, I swear...The Fluval Aquasky, the light that I have, simulates thunder-storms, cloudy weather, sun rise/set, color hues, and Sunlight/Moonlight.....I have a Blue Moonlight setting on my remote...(It came with a friggen remote), DUH. *facepalm*

    Thank you. A sincere thank you...lmao..(I'm like, crying.-I'm so dumb)

    Edit: I leave it on the brightest daylight setting all the time because my tank just lights up the room...but...LOL. omg thank you...
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    At least you have a high tech solution! I put two LED strips on the inside of the hood of my bedroom tank, one white and one blue and they have alternating timers to flick on and off.

    I'm an insomniac I and fine watching the fish when I can't sleep is literally the easiest way to conk out.
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    Thank you! Now that it is cycled I may try to leave the UV filter off for a week and see what happens. I still think it's getting too much indirect sunlight and I need it. But I'm no expert. I did leave it off for a couple days and noticed some green in the water and turned it back on. Still learning the forum too so I will post before and after pics in case you missed it. Also keep in mind this post is several weeks old. IMG_20180524_204807.jpg IMG_20180620_184028.jpg
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    I am thinking of getting one of these UV filter things, but not sure how to use it. Where do I put it? I would get one because no matter what, every week, doing my weekly water change, it is cloudy for a bit. It is cloudy after I feed for the day. It drives me crazy. I feel like there is this haze. I have 2 filters, and Purigen in the filters, brand new pack once a week. I wash off the media in old tank water, but maybe wash it too well. I don't know, am I creating a mini-cycle with each water change. Last week I changed 70% of my 40 gallon tank.

    This week I did a lot of plant installing, can't really call it planting.