Tank in sunlight

  1. MissCap Member Member

    My entire house has windows everywhere. There is not one spot that doesn't have sunlight touching it. My 10 gallon (no fish yet) is by a window. I am trying not to open up that window. The temperature in the tank was 76-78 degrees and now today it is 74-76 degrees. Is this too cold for guppies?

    How will the sunlight affect my tank? I also have a 50 gallon my parents are bringing me. The only spot I have for it is by two big windows. Should I just not put up the tank? If I don't open up my windows my house is a dungeon and I hate turning on the lights. Any suggestions?
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Would you be able to cover the sides of the tank where the sunlight hits directly? Then you could still open the windows:)

  3. MissCap Member Member

  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    You could do that! Or use black paper, plastic or cloth. Any colour really, I've just seen black used most often. Whatever block the light:)

  5. MissCap Member Member

    Thank you so much! I haven't decided on a background yet. Leaning towards black.