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Hi guys,
I was planning to get a fish for a while now, and I finally decided it was time. I bought the Penn-Plax 2.7 gallon fish/shrimp tank that came with a filter and also bought a 25w Hydor heater. Do you think this should be suitable for a betta? The images below is the tank ,the filter and the heater. The decorations and fish I am going to get tomorrow, and it would be great if you could give me tips on what kind of decorations I should buy, etc.

Here is the picture of the tank:


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That should work. If the flow of the filter is too high for the betta, you should be able to adjust it. Set the heater to around 79-82F. You want to get decorations that aren't sharp, and/or able to catch on the betta's fins. If you want to go with artificial plants, get silk/cloth plants. Driftwood is good, but it leach tannins that will stain the water kind of brown like tea. It is completely safe for fish, but can be an eyesore if you want crystal clear water. If you get caves, or other stone decorations, also make sure they aren't sharp.

If you don't mind having tea colored water, I suggest getting Indian Almond Leaves. You put them in the water and they leach out tannins that combat bacterial and fungal infections.

Also, I recommend ditching the filter cartridge in the filter and adding a sponge to the intake pipe of the filter and another sponge inside of the filter.
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