Tank Dimensions! Need help

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    So... I'm looking for a bigger tank for an angelfish... Now I have a computer desk that can be used as fish tank stand. The problem is, it has plywood so I'm thinking of replacing it with MDF (medium density fiberboard) The computer desk has metal legs connected by vertical metal pipes. Now what are the dimensions of 20g, 20g high, 20g long and 25g, 25g high, 25g long if there is such a thing as a 25g, as well as 30g, 30g high, 30g long. I looked online but I've been getting a lot of mixed dimensions so IDK which is certain. Thanks for the help!
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    LOL, I used to work at a LFS and I got to the point where I could pretty much tell the size of a tank by looking. I'm going off memory here, so bear with me. :p

    20 long- 30x12x12
    20 high- 24x12x16
    20 XH- 20x10x20

    25 gallon is a somewhat unusual size. The only time I've seen these is at Petsmart where they run the "buy 20 gallons, get an extra 5 gallons free" sale. These tanks are the same footprint as a 20 high (24x12), but a little taller. To my knowledge, that's the only 25 gallon tank, but I may be wrong there.

    You could get a 29 gallon, which has a 30x12 footprint but is taller than a 20 high.
    30 long- 36x12x16
    30 high I believe is 24x12x24, not sure about that one.

    Keep in mind that you're talking about a minimum of 200 lbs. or so. Computer desks aren't designed to hold this kind of weight and I personally like to use a dedicated aquarium stand for anything larger than 10 gallons. I think www.garf.org has plans for building stands, but not the bookshelf type like you were planning in your other thread. Whatever you decide good luck with the new project! :)
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    for angels, out of all your choices , the least i would go is 30g high or reg for a pair(20g high will work for some types of angels but not room for much more)....for their amazing finnage, long tanks dont work well when below 55g IMO...they just cant have the horizontal swim space they need to grow properly and not have their finnage stunted......(just got a 30g hex for mine!! cool tanks) and I agree with harpua...dont risk any stand that you arent 110% sure it will hold it...each gallon of water with subtrate, decorations etc, is about 9-11 lbs per gallon...
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    All those help and thanks for the link!!!

    Hmm.. I'll take a picture of the metal legs. I tried to tell that to my dad too but ended up giving me a hard time lol.
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    An aquarium stand is something you don't want to be wrong about.
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    good stand, filters, and heaters(if running a tropical tank) are the top 3 we should all care about...the rest can come as we can afford it IMO
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    Those are three things not to cheap out on.