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    Hey so I recently posted about my guppy dilemma (if you have any expertise on sick guppies please see it) but now I have questions about tank cycling.

    1. API liquid test kit indicated that I had 1ppm of ammonia this morning. 0 nitrites or nitrates still. What do I need to do now?
    2. My pH is a high - sitting around 7.5. How do I bring that down? I am kinda broke so cheaper options are better.
    3. I have read conflicting things about water hardness, can someone please tell me what the GH and KH need to be? I have guppies right now but want to switch them for a betta when the tank is cycled properly. (bonus points if it is in ppm)

    Tank info:
    5.5 gallon (16x8x10)
    Sponge filter rated for 10 gallon
    Gravel and live plants
    Has been running for like 4 days

    two guppies
    I got them from a friend that abandoned them with me about 2 days ago. I think he had them for over a couple weeks.
    One is definitely sick (probably because he has had to endure fish cycling twice now)

    Water Parameters:
    Temp:78-79 (with heater)
    pH: 7.5
    GH: 120ppm
    KH: 150ppm
    Ammonia: 1ppm (has tested at 0.25 then 0.5 for the last few days)
    Nirites: 0
    Nitrates: 0
    Before I added fish, I added tetra safestart plus.

    Also the tank is cloudy. It was cloudy a few days ago but cleared up, now it is cloudy again
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    Your pH is perfect at 7.5. Your GH and KH are fine too. Your tank is going to cycle just fine with those parameters. Are you cycling with the guppys in the tank? If so, did you get the API Prime suggested on your other post?
    If you don't have the Prime, and you are cycling with fish in the tank, get it or some other brand water conditioner that binds or neutralizes both ammonia and nitrites but does not remove them.
    Do a 50% water change to reduce ammonia level and treat the entire tank volume (not just the replacement water) with the Prime.
    Keep combined Ammonia/Nitrite (when they show up) level below 1.0ppm with water changes and treat your water as directed on the Prime bottle.
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    Yes, the guppies are in the tank. Prime was recommended and I will be going to get some soon. The conditioner I have now says it removes ammonia.
    How much of a water change do I do? 50%?
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    50% is good.