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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Ms rose, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    So I'm new to freshwater aquarium keeping. I've been cycling a tank for 5 weeks no added bacteria, fishless cycling simply feeding the tank algae wafers and flake food every other day.
    I checked about 3 weeks ago and the the test showed progress but not much, so today for the heck of it I tested again and this is my reading after 5 weeks of fishless cycling.

    ammonia 0 nitrate I'm sorry nitrite 0 nitrate between 5 and 10 PPM
    could it be true that this tank is actually cycled and if so there's much more to the story but first thing is first

  2. jaymethyValued MemberMember

    Are those two days the only measurements youve taken? Without measurements every few days it hard to tell...
    Keep adding an ammonia source for the next few days, testing daily, and if the ammonia stays at zero, you might be cycled.

  3. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Yes I have only taken two tests and I haven't done any water changes until today after my reading. I assumed I didn't really have to worry about water changes being there was no fish in there . that could be a rookie mistake I'm not quite sure, rest assured I have done much research, it's just finding answers to specific questions is a bit difficult . I do appreciate your reply and I will absolutely do what you recommended. I did do a 50% water change today and I will continue to add my food source and test daily for the next probably week or even two just to be on the safe side , if you think that that is something that would work thanks again for your reply

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  4. jaymethyValued MemberMember

    The ammonia and nitrate readings need to be zero before the water change (just to be clear).
  5. Madeline PetersonValued MemberMember

    It sounds like it should be cycled, but you really should test every time you add food so you can follow the changes in ammonia and nitrites over time. Do this for a week or so, and, if your ammonia and nitrites are still 0, you are cycled.
  6. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Post removed due to making no sense haha
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  7. Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    I got it, the second time (except) the ick part. I picked that up the third time through.:)

    I’m not an ick expert, never had it (knocking on wood) but everything i’ve read, heat is the best wasto go.

    I think you are cycled based on the information you gave but would verify via tests every other day while continuing to feed.
  8. Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    I am surprised you didn’t get more responses.

    Very knowledgeable folks here.

    Maybe your original post was too long.

    If you just state problem and give tank size, parameters (ammonia, nitrites,nitrates) and stocking, you should get immediate response.

    You can add the other details later.
  9. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Ok thanx for the tip. I was surprised to but my story was crazy long and made zero sence lol im still at ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 to 10 in my 10g no fish, feeding every other day flakes and algae waffers. Been testing as he stated daily and it's staying the same so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing for another week or so to get a well established colony before adding my fish. Thank you for the tip

    I just deleted my long non sense making post, maybe I'll get more responses now haha
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  10. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    With zero ammonia, zero nitrites, and a low nitrate reading, your tank looks fully cycled.

    One suggestion. It's very difficult to track what you're trying to say when you don't use periods and use run-on sentences. It looks jumbled and is difficult for the reader to figure it out. I'm not trying to be critical, but you'd probably have better luck if you were a little more careful with your writing.
  11. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Lol i understand, i generally use talk to text so thats why its that way. But i havnt been having much luck with that so i started typing on my own. Thanx for the advice and assurance .

    I went threw and edited my post. I understand what you meant, was very hard to read. Thanx for the tip

    Yes they were . And the next day, still the same. Hadn't water changes again. Tm is the wc day
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  12. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I am sorry I hadn't found your thread before now.

    If you have only ran the tests twice during these past 5 weeks you can't know if you have ever had ammonia and/or nitrites so can't know for sure whether or not you are actually cycled.

    Have you tested your source water for nitrates? If you have and have not found nitrates there you can safely assume that your tank produced them. It is hard to control the amount of ammonia while using fish food as an ammonia source because you have to allow it to basically rot before it forms ammonia.

    If you could get some pure ammonia you could easily find out of your tank in actually cycled. You would want to do a really complete gravel vac to get all of the fish food you have added out of there.

    Once you have done that you could dose the tank up to 2ppm with ammonia. If the tank processes that ammonia within 24 hours you can be sure your tank is in fact cycled.

    Do that each day for a week and at the end of the week you can be assured that your tank is cycled. At this point your nitrates will probably be off the chart but that can be taken care of with water changes. Get those nitrates down and you will be ready for fish.
  13. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    That's okay, I appreciate you responding now. So here's what happened, I set it up, I filled it with dechlorinated water ,and I waited . I fed it every other day. about two weeks later I tested it, and ammonia was high, nitrites we're High, no nitrates. So I continue doing what I was doing feeding the tank, and three weeks later I did another test, that's when it was ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 to 10. That's when I wrote my original post to see if my tank was cycled. In which I did get a response from a lovely member who said basically the same thing you are, since my original post I do test every day and feed every other day. before and after water changes, the parameters are ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 to 20. I'm doing weekly water changes on it, and I do not have gravel in the tank it just has some lava rock and some hornwort . do you still feel that I should do the ammonia test or just continue doing what I'm doing for another week or so? If you do feel that I should do the ammonia I will absolutely try that and thank you for coming LOL
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  14. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you for the clarification. No, I don't think the ammonia test is necessary. I sounds to me like you are cycled and are definitely ready for fish. Congratulations !!!!
  15. Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Yay thank you a bunch!!I'm still going to give it another week ish to get a good colony going.
  16. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Sounds like a plan :)

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