Tank Cooling Help? Help

  1. Larry O'Donnell

    Larry O'Donnell Valued Member Member

    Hello all,

    Approaching my first summer with my planted tank in full swing.

    I live in an old house without central air and the interior temperature can reach the mid 80s on hot days.

    How do I keep my fish (mostly Tetras and Corys) cool? I’ve tossed some ice cubes in every now and then but they definitely get agitated and aggressive when the temp spikes over 82F. I usually keep it around 77F.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Did you do declorinated water in an ice tray? Maybe get a water bottle and put cold water or freeze the water in the bottle and throw it in there.
  3. Mom2some

    Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    I have heard a fan blowing over the surface of the water can help. No other advice, sorry. Hopefully someone else can hop on here with more experience

  4. OP
    Larry O'Donnell

    Larry O'Donnell Valued Member Member

    bump! any other advice besides a chiller? Thanks.
  5. appcontrol

    appcontrol Well Known Member Member

  6. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    Ziploc bag of ice in front of the outtake works for me. Don’t add ice directly unless it’s dechlorinated. My tank was 100+ degrees thanks to a faulty heater and the fact that I wasn’t home to check it. Bag of ice cooled it down to 80 in about 15-20 minutes.
  7. appcontrol

    appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    I don't know i have a feel that all that ice things get temperature too rapidly down and that you can easily shock and kill your fish, other thing you dont have any control over temp.
  8. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    Well when your tank is over 100 degrees, I would say it’s best to drop the temp before the fish end up cooking themselves. It’s a temporary/emergency solution. You can get an aquarium cooling fan for the long run
  9. appcontrol

    appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Yes i agree in emergency its almost only solution but i am talking about full summer cooling
  10. bgclarke

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    I'm in a similar situation.
    We only have a portable air conditioner and it's not hooked up yet.
    A couple of our tanks are at 80-82 (normally mid 70s).
    I've seen it mentioned before to replace glass lids with egg crate material to allow heat to escape.
    I have amano shrimp in one tank so that's not an option unless I also put screen material over it.

    Last summer I had tried putting those cryopak ice packs in baggies and floating them in the tanks.
    In some cases I've done water changes with cooler water to bring the temps down a bit without shocking the fish.
  11. appcontrol

    appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    You could do mesh top
  12. ams083

    ams083 Valued Member Member

    How big is your tank?

    My second tank (240L) is in a room without a/c, and during summer can get pretty warm. I usually turn the heaters off, open the lid and chuck in an extra air stone. I’ll put a pedestal fan on high facing the tank as well. I’ll get maybe a 1-2 degree increase in temp. I’ll also take one of the 2 light tubes out as they can get quite warm.

    I have split system a/c’s in various rooms, so when they are on it also cools the room the 2nd tank is in, but I don’t run them all the time.

    Main tank is in the living room where the air is on most of them time when hot, so never really have issues with that. But I do still turn the heaters off.
  13. bgclarke

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    In my case it has to be cat proof since our youngest likes to sit on the lid.

    I don't want to have to deal with a duckweed covered long hair cat