Tank cleaners and bottom feeders Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by Sturty, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Very recently i have set up a 200L sw tank with two clown fish and two purple chromis. Im going to let them settle in for a month or two then add some more living creatures.
    What im looking for is soming that will help keep algee at bay, clean the substrate and clean the live rock. But what ever i get needs to be coral friendly as i want to switch over to coral mid-late next year
    Ive tried researching but the options are endless and with no experience i dont know whats suitable, any suggestions?
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  3. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Sturty,
    We've got a few threads going about your tank now

    You're nitrate readings from this thread: https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/id-help-identify/134104-what-type-fish-these.html suggest not adding inverts yet. Inverts (snails/shrimp) can be sensitive to high nitrates (>5ppm). Once you get your parameters under control:

    Peppermint Shrimp - great for Aiptasia control (be sure to get the right species), and can also help with detritus and excess food - reducing nitrates and phosphates
    Nassa snails - great sand dwelling species
    Turbo snails - great filamentous algae eaters (be careful on size, they are bulldozers and can move rock work)
    Cerith snails - another good sand sifter, but also roam the tank
    Sea cucumbers - detritus feeders, sifting through the sand and help keep it clean
    Lawnmower Blenny (fish, not invert) - is an exclusive filamentous algae eater.
    Redline/Skunk Cleaner shrimp - one of the best all round cleaners, and great personalities - but expensive AUD$120+ each is average.
  4. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Thanks ryan, i certainly wont be adding anything to my tank for a while, i want my parameters to sit at normal levels for a minimum of a month im just trying to plan ahead so i do it right.
    Unfortunetly i couldnt plan ahead for the fish i already have, i couldnt leave them in the conditions they left in.
    The reason i asked about cleaner species is want to keep the tank in good condition once it settles and i need a way of processing any future bioload.
    Ive got a protien skimmer on the way so that will hopefully help keep the nitrates under control.

    Ryan is there anywhere i can start a thread on both my tanks where i can ask all the questions i need and give updates rather then opening new threads in different sections every time?
  5. ryanrModeratorModerator Member


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