Tank: check, Cycling: check, Fish Shopping Next!

Our tank is finally going to start cycling in the next few days! (finally - had a nasty pesky piece of floating driftwood in my bath tub for over a month...) My husband and I know exactly what kind and how many fish we want to put in our tank, but we want to make sure that we purchase them in an order that will be good and as friendly for all the fish as possible. We'll only get 1-2 fish at a time, so we'll have to make several trips over a long period of time. Here's what we have and what we'd like to add:
29 gallon tank
1 Rainbow Shark (about 3 inches currently)
*He will be added first, as we already own him!
6 Zebra Danios (for a school)
1 Angelfish (decided not to do a pair to cut back on possible aggressive behavior)
1 African Butterfly Fish
1 Ram (of some kind...)

Should we put the rainbow shark in first by himself, or purchase another to add to the new tank with him?
I also want to be careful with the butterfly fish and the angelfish, so the butterfly gets food without the angelfish being too aggressive of an eater.

We're looking very forward to our new tank setup, and can't wait to start picking out our fish at the store!

I really have to ask - was it hard taking a shower with that driftwood in the tub?

i'd follow the order that you listed, but would move the angel to the last to add.
oh wonderful - butterfly fish are so amazing. They look so delicate and beautiful. I don't know much about them, but the few they occasionally have at the lfs are captivating. Can't wait to see your tank.

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