Tank Changes

  1. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    I thought it might be fun to see before and after pics of people's tanks. Mine have gone through so many changes since I started in the hobby, and when I look back at what I had initially, I feel so bad for the fish. I did think it was really good at the time though...

    Here's my starting 5.5 gallon with 4 danio and Whatley.

    And here's what it has become.
  2. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    This was my 36g bowfront when I first set it up 3 years ago.


    And this is the same tank now. It got broken down and re-set up. The restart was last summer.

  3. Ayushman Singh Member Member

    It would look better if u add the dragon back

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  4. Corydora Pro Member Member

    Here is my current before and after photo. By the way my tank is not finished yet, I'm changing my substrate from gravel to sand on Tuesday. I'll post another picture once I make the switch.


    Here is the new substrate:

  5. Drummindot Well Known Member Member

    Here is the new substrate:


    What is that? Silica sand or regular garden variety sand?
  6. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    I love how it came out!
  7. LornaLupus Initiate Member

    1474981352277.jpg 1474981410535.jpg 1474981439225.jpg 1474981549333.jpg 1474981629736.jpg 1474981727859.jpg 1474981877445.jpg
  8. LornaLupus Initiate Member

  9. Drummindot Well Known Member Member

    It's coming along nicely!
  10. LornaLupus Initiate Member

    Thankyou. Just had a bit of upheaval with the sand. It was too thick and was grey and stinky on the right half (all explained in another thread by me) so it had to go. The sand bed much thinner now
  11. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    Thought it would be fun to show how much I've learned about betta-keeping! [​IMG] This was the tank Python was in when I got her. [​IMG] Here's the "upgrade" I got for her. [​IMG] Here's the 2.5 gallon when it was first set up. [​IMG][​IMG] And here's the tank now! Hoping to upgrade to a 5 gallon and add live plants and an air-powered corner filter soon, there's always room for improvement!
  12. LornaLupus Initiate Member

    Lovely upgrade
  13. Drummindot Well Known Member Member

    It's nice to see someone putting betas in a filtered, lit, and aquascaped environment. Too many get a stagnant bowl of water. Keep up the good work it looks great!
  14. MissDee427 Initiate Member

    Here's a before.. 1 gallon [​IMG]

    And after...5 gallon [​IMG]
  15. Silister Trench Well Known Member Member

    You guys have done some really great renovations and upgrades! Very nice!

    Love all the Betta tanks. They're one fish whose tanks I really like seeing above most others.
  16. MissDee427 Initiate Member

    That's such a crappy pic.. here's a better one[​IMG]
  17. MissDee427 Initiate Member

    Ans thanks!
  18. Silister Trench Well Known Member Member

    Yeah there you go! Much better picture! Looks great! That statue is awesome and it really ties it all in.
  19. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm wondering where the filter is. Where is it may I ask? Also like @silistertrench said the statue does tie the tank together
  20. MissDee427 Initiate Member

    The filter is actually built into the back part of the tank... just incase you wanted to check it out here's the link.... and ty
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