Tank almost cycled

  1. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    Sry in advance because i cycled my tank with fish. i have 5 guppies... 2 male 3 female which i know is not a large enough F:M ratio but 1 female died during the cycle... my amonia is at 0 ppm my nitrites are through the roof but i do have nitrate readings. The larger male guppy is looking kinda bad, he has yellowish coloration which is not natural for him and his tail is getting frayed... is this yellow velvet? if so what should i do i already put 1 Tblspn of sea salt in 10 gallon tank and my water temp is 80*f. Should i do anything about him like varying his diet? I have heard buying medicine is not a very good idea thx in advance for your posssible replies.

    ** Edit : sorry the larger male died today. If there is anything you recommend for keeping my fish healthier please tell me im new to owning fish. The people at Petco are not very helpful.
  2. Marc

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    As far as I can tell that's just from the nitrites. I've never had a guppy though and have had little experience with sick fish.
  3. OP

    Jon Well Known Member Member


    pH- 7.6 (i want slightly basic water so im happy)
    Amonia- 0 ppm
    Nitrite- .5 ppm
    Nitrate- 7 ppm

    Am i correct in assuming my tank will be done cycling in the next few days? I have had it 13 days with fish in it now so i feel lucky that it is coming along so well. I have 4/6 guppies left 1 male 1 female died which gives me a better M:F ratio anyway and i expected some to die after reading up on my stuff. Im sry i cycled with fish if i could do it again i wouldnt.

    Also my plants arent doing so hot. I am yet to figure out what type of plants they are but one was bright green with large flat leaves that are 12" above the base of the plant and green stems. <--- turning yellower by the day

    The other plant has long slender leaves of dark green and reddish brown stems. <--- leaves getting some brown lines on them.

    My tank is not near a window but i keep the light on most of the day ( about 8-10 hours per day). It is a 15 watt flourescent aquarium light.

    i dont supplement the plants. If you have advice please post it. My fish like to nibble on the plants and seem to be doing well despite my inabilty to find good food for them.