Tank Ailments - Fungus And Snails

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    Hi everyone,

    Here I am again with more questions and more things to learn.. it seems to be never ending!

    To cover off, I have a 15G/60L tank with 10 neon tetras, 4 lyretail mollies (incl. one new fry, yay), and a BN pleco. They're all young and I have every intention of upsizing as the BN will get big.

    Over the last few weeks I've been trying to cure what I can only describe as mouth fungus on a couple of the tetras - they're small cotton-like tufts around the side of their mouths, some have little white specks on their fins. I've been medicating the tank with Melafix which doesn't seem to do any good; that said, it hasn't gotten worse.

    Only a couple of the tetras have it, the rest look fine and the BN and mollies look perfectly healthy. From what I've read mouth fungus/any sort of fungal infection tends to take them quickly however they've been riding it out for 2-3 weeks now and don't show any signs of distress or lethargy. I haven't got the option to quarantine them yet as setting up a secondary smaller tank isn't cheap.

    I've ordered some Acriflavine 5% as I've read that can help with the more stubborn ailments.

    Secondly, some may recall an older post I made where I found teeny tiny snails, I think they were identified as ramshorn snails. They don't get very big - maybe 1.5mm max and they breed like it's going out of style. I pick them out when I can, lure them with foods, limit how much I feed the tank, and they're still around. I pick up a lot when I do a water change and focus on the substrate, but they're back the next day.

    So, questions for you today are....

    1) What can I do to treat the mouth fungus? Should I leave it? Put the fish down?
    2) Aside from a total scrub down of the tank, can I introduce another fish to the tank that likes to eat snails? If so, what? I've heard gourami and betta (not really compatible with my tankmates) would do the trick, or a bigger apple snail(?).

    Photos, parameters, etc can be supplied upon request when I'm able to.
  2. camsteValued MemberMember

    I got a couple of assassin snails when I had a massive snail issue after introducing some new plants. It didn't take long before all of the tiny critters were gone. Only the shells were left :)
  3. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    Help please!
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    Don’t put the fish down unless they are all suffering beyond repair. There are some other stronger cures for fungus in your LFS. shouldn’t be to hard to find and it works really well. Things start to clear up in a couple days for me. I have a 60 gallon tank so I have to buy a lot. It does however turn the water a bit blue and any ornaments or tubing may get colored blue too. It looks like this.


    All directions are on the packaging. Hope this helps. Def stronger than melafix, which usually treats bacterial infections not fungal, that’s probably why nothing got better for ur fish. As for the fry, is it in a net or anything?

    Praying for ur fish!

    I just read about the little white spots. Probably ich, but images would be helpful. with a weakened immune system, the fish are more susceptible to other disease and not treating soon will kill them. Also, how is the pleco doing? I’ve always had a soft spot for them.
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  5. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    Melafix doesn't seem to do anything and they've had their, er, condition for a couple weeks now :(

    I've bought some Acriflavine 5% and following the instructions on the bottle. Can't see much of an improvement just yet but it's early days with this stuff. It's meant to be for more stubborn problems. It turns my water neon greenish!

    The fry is free to roam, he doesn't seem bothered at all. I don't like netting fry or pregnant fish as it stresses them out.

    It's not so much spots, but more so small tufts of white stuff coming off them, like a weird cotton wool growth?

    My pleco is doing ~swimmingly~, he's growing and growing so I'm excited when he gets bigger!

    Note: It appears that API Fungus Cure isn't sold in my country, or I'm told to pay upwards of $40 for some sent from overseas. Google suggests Wunder Methylene Blue 1% and/or Wunder Tonic.
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  6. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    Yes methane blue may work if you can’t get the other cure

    Omg I need to go to bed
  7. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    Photos as requested, sorry the fish don't like to stay still :snaphappy:



    (Sorry for editing the post a million times, photobucket is being dumb)

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  8. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    Oh my. U may want to try hydrogen peroxide treatment. It’s 3ml/ gallon and it works good for preventing infection and even curing fin rot. It is probably better if you can catch them and dip them in a water solution(still 3ml/gallon) than treating the entire tank. Or if you can pimafix is also good. Unless you can’t get that either. Where do u live that you can get it tho?

    But only if you don’t see any improvement from the treatment you are giving now.
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  9. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    The tetras are insanely difficult to catch, I've tried....

    I'm in New Zealand.
  10. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    Ya they are very fast fish... even in sickness

    I’m in the States.. very boring here.

    Keep me updated. I hope things start to get better.
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  11. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    Update for those following or anyone new reading the thread.

    Tried Acriflavine 5%, no change apart from some tinted ornaments.
    Tried Methylene Blue 1%, no change apart from some blue tinted ornaments.
    Tried Primafix for the last week, can't see any change.

    I'm at a loss for remedies.. :( I just hope my wee fishies aren't suffering.
  12. diddakoiValued MemberMember

    Update for those interested.

    Ordered some clove oil but it didn't arrive in time as one tetra died in the tank. Scooped him out promptly and removed a further 4 who were showing really bad symptoms. Put them to sleep with an overdose of Primafix as suggested by a fellow member here in an older thread.

    Turns out I had 11 tetras at the start, not 10. Because now I have 6 surviving (who for the most part are looking good), along with my apparently-immune lyretail mollies and BN pleco.

    Here's hoping the remaining tetras don't see the same end.

    Clove oil has since arrived too.