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    Is two 6500k bulbs good enough for growing plants when my hex tank is 31" tall. Not sure if the lumens are strong tough to reach throughout the whole tank. If not, what do you recommend?
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    You can calculate the PAR ratings for each level of your tank, and that'll help you know if it's enough. I don't know the link to the PAR calculator - maybe someone else can link it!
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    alink can calculate this for you, I've seen him calculating some weird formulas in other posts :eek:
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    Thanks for the info! I'll see if I can find it!

    I hope he can help! I couldn't find a calculator and it looks way too confusing!
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  5. alink

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    The only true way to get your answer is a PAR meter that you can get for around $200. The formula that I use has about a 10-20% error rate. I dont have a formula that would be close enough for the real rating of your tank since its a 31 inch tall. The formula I use is for 12 or 24 inch tall tanks.

    Are your bulbs T8 or T5?

    However I will say that I use 1 6500K T8 and my rating on my 21" tank is about 8.0, 2 would bring it to 16.0 which is at the bare minimum for low light plants. Your tank is 10 inches taller so I would say it would drop 1/3, so somewhere around 8-10 PAR at the substrate would be fairly accurate without using a PAR meter. If yours are T5 bulbs, then your PAR would be higher by about 40%, so if its 10 for T8, I would say it would be around 15 PAR for T5. Again, these are guestimations, and your actual rating may be different from what I am saying. It could be anywhere from 5-25 since I dont know how being a hex tank would change the numbers.

    If you can afford it look into Finnex Fugeray planted+ LED lights. They are great lights for planted tanks.
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    Hmm I might just get fake plants then. I'd hate to buy plants that might die.. :(