Talk about a rough day!

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It started off yesterday with me getting to work and finding a note not to come in today (sunday)... They are cutting time in our dept and the one person who hasn't got sent home (me) well it was my turn.
the thing is that it could be my last day until after the baby I could work. I'm already taking time off and that wil help the payroll with me not being there for a few weeks. Plus no one will be sent home with one person not there.

Then, OMG! I had the code from hades, a 300lb man who od'd on something and it was a mess! I got tied up with that, and then by the time I made it out of the ER to the other patients everyone else was going bad.... There were some real "sick" people at the hospital yesterday.

I also through the day found out that no one properly stocked anything! And for a hospital, that's not good.

Then the 300lb man pulled his breathing tube on us, and we had to re tube him (NIGHTMARE! to say the least).. at the same time the ER was screaming because I couldn't leave to go down there with a patient, They got rude! I basicly said what am I supose to do? Let someone not breathe for a few min so I can come change a mask?

Oh, then it keeps getting better, I got home only to find my mail setting on my porch in 90 degree weather and rain, including a box of fish! That was due to be here two days ago. They were all stinky and dead!
Luckily the guy I ordered them from will replace them for me with no problem. As long as I pay shipping (I'm going with fed ex only from now on).
The postal service had put a "biohazard" tag on the box and not shipped them properly.

To ad to it all I got a list from the cub scouts on patches Wyatt earned instead of actual patches, and I have to go to the Scout shop and buy them. Apparently the money our den has isn't being "spent" on the scouts?

And then, when I got the boys they were covered in mud from playing in the garden while my Mother in law dug onions up.. no problem I can bath them. But carson lost one of his expensive special DR fitted ear plugs down the drain... On top of it I n oticed he wasn't acting normal, and well he's got a high temp (got to 104) and is just wanting to lay around. I was up with him all night getting him motrin/tylonol and water (he was super thirsty).

This morning I got him settled down, went to the store and bought him some gatoraide since he wouldn't drink pedialyte, and started his prescription ear drops back since they told me to give them to him if he acted like this. He is saying he is "dizzy" and with him going to Gatlinburg last week I would say that pool at the hotel could have caused the inner ear infection.

So tomm morning I am going to take him to the doctor (they will be able to get him in faster to the ear doctor) so they can really check him out.

Did I forget to mention Tuesday is going to be the final say in what happens in my pregnancy, take the baby this week, bed rest, or wait until August.... I'm already stressed about that since she isn't moving like she was, my blood pressure has went up instead of down even with double the dose of bp meds..... and I feel like poop. Steve took the day off so we will be prepared for whatever when I go to that appointment.

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Oh my goodness! You poor thing. I will send relaxing vibes your way.

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Wow what a day
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Bless your heart, Angela. Hang in there. We're all rooting for ya!
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Go relax, put your feet up and watch the fish Hang in there!
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Thanks you all!!
I'm actually going to get my sick 3 year old to lay down with me for a little while... I seem to feel better when I get a nap everyday... (end of pregnancy t hing).
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I know How you feel Angela remember a few months ago what happen to our family it was nuts. Well hope everything goes good with you the baby and your your sick son.

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