Taking the plunge into planted 20 Gallon Tank

  1. x

    xNick Member Member

    After a lot of reading and stocking up on materials I am finally about to start a planted 20 gal tank!

    Currently, there are two goldfish in the tank (included when I bought it a couple of months ago) which are about to find a new home which will give a clean slate.

    The plan is to lay down some Flourite Black Sand substrate and plant this baby to !

    The stocking plan is hoping to be:
    - 10x Neon Teras
    - 3x Balloon Mollies (2x F, 1x M)
    - Bunch of cherry shrimp
    - MTS
    - Female veiltail betta who is currently residing in my 5 gal split tank

    With further room to add things if I wanted :)

    Any thoughts/comments?

  2. CichlidSWAGA

    CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    that will be fun! post some pictures i wanna see it after you get it rollin

  3. OP

    xNick Member Member

    That's the plan!
  4. escapay

    escapay Well Known Member Member

    Awesome plans! What plants are you thinking about getting? Do you know what lights you have or will be getting?

    That is my biggest issue with plants... aquariums don't generally come with the lighting you need for many plants.
  5. OP

    xNick Member Member

    The tank that I got (second hand) came with a crapp fluoro which I am looking at replacing. Having a read around I think I will go for a high end of the low light so will be looking at maybe 1.5-2 watts per gallon (so ~30-40).

    As for plants, I plan on carpeting the front area with hair grass, but other than that I have no idea! Tempted to have a couple of swords, but they seem to be recommened for larger tanks. I think I will just end up buying a bunch of different plants when I do my order and play around with them to see how they go...
  6. Disc61

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    Hello and Welcome to Fishlore:;hi2