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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by critter_fritter79, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I have been trying for a long time now to get some good pics of my babies and have had pretty much no luck at all... My camera is a hunk of junk! I use the macro setting on it, but am still lucky if the pics are even in focus much less the right color! How in the world do people take these awesome pics of their fish that show their colors right? I can't see anything in a pic without the flash, but when I use the flash, the fish's colors come out all wrong! GRRRRR!!!!!! Any suggestions on how I can take better pics while I wait to get a new camera??
  2. Red1313

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    Hmm what kind of photo set up do you have?

    When I took the pics of my new boys I moved them into a special 2.5 gallon tank that was on my kitchen table. Putting a lamp over the tank and "adjusting" the ambient light around the tank can help get the colors.
    Clean the glass well and then the other option is to use the "burst" feature if you have it. I took over 100 shots of each of my kids when I got them just to get the few that I posted...
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    I have their cubes that I put on either a table under a light or if the ligh from the window is good I put them on top of my work cabinet... I haven't tried the burst setting, but I do take a huge amount of pics before I finally get a decent one...if I actually do!
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    Critter I have to take about a dozen pictures with my camara then try fixing them with my photo editor. I might come out with two or three good ones, I hate taking pictures because of that. And I still havent gotten a good one of my 25gal...
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    The main reason I am so frustrated right now is that in my 38 gallon fry tank that has the older fry in it, there is a gorgeous little blue bf.. I really want some pics of him growing but all the pics I have taken of him he looks bright green with no bf at all..
  6. Red1313

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    Hmmm... if you're using the flash it's likely that you're picking up the irridencence that's even on the BF area... Could you catch him for a moment then return him to the growout?
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    Can you take a series of shots? My camera will take like 5 consecutive shots....you have a better chance of getting a still pic when it takes multiple pics.
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    i have a crappy little Kodak Easy Share (2nd gen) and i find that getting about 10ft away and zooming waaaaay in is the best way. the colors are kinda dark sometimes but atleast no 'fake' colors show up. thats how i got the one thats my avatar =)
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    all of the photos I have put up \are taken on a teeny little cheap fuji finepix (it's about the size od a credit card and 3/4 an inch thick) I haven't actually managed to get my SLR out or even my better digital camera out to photograph my fish but I tend to turn the tank light on and turn the room light of.. it means that I can get photos without the flash or with the flash if I choose - it also helps to have fishies who like to investigate when you'e taking photos - I was trying to photograph plants once but couldn't because Squirt kept getting in the way.

    Another option I like is just using the short video option, it means you get to record your fish in motion and see the full range of colours (and you can catch the little so and so as he flits about)

    If you're going to use the flash do so on an angle to the glass so you don't get reflections - it allows you to get great colour but can be tricky.. here is a photo of squirt where I didn't get the angle right.. he' fine but you can see the reflection of the point and click camera and the flare from the lens http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4018/4429159762_239062ed27.jpg if I wanted to use that photo for something I would just crop the fll sized version and be mostly happy -it's pretty spot on colour wise , he looks black until he catches the light just like in the photo.

    the bulb option is also great because you don't get the movement when you press the shutter.
  10. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    You may find the above link helpful for taking fish photos. I have Nikon Cool Pix 12mp.
    I have found it best to take photos at night, no lights on in the room other than the tank lights. Turn off the TV :) This will all help to prevent glares and reflections in the photo. I do not use a flash. I make sure the macro setting is on (the little flower icon).

    My next step is to get a tripod.

  11. fishtroy

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    Hi! I love taking the photos of my bettas but it does have a knack to it. My camera is nothing fancy. I put up with my flash altering the colours as the removal of the flash makes totally blurry pictures.
    I use the 'Portrait' setting on my camera as I find it works the best for bettas. I use Macro. Sometimes when I zoom in on Macro it turns out blurry so I find it better to bring my camera closer to the tank rather than to zoom in from further away. The less the zoom, the more clear my bettas photos.
    Sometimes you just get a fish that is camera shy! I have had some that i could get no pictures of aside of tails. Then others that were total lense hogs!