Taking A Break

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Discus-Tang, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member


    I'm gonna be off the forum for a while (not sure how long) due to some stuff that's been happening recently (not on the forum).

    I'll be back ;)
  2. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hope everything works out and we see you back soon
  3. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Hope all is well and that you can return soon.

  4. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    I hope he doesn’t disappear for good, like some members did :)
  5. OP

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    I'm back, sooner than expected :)

    I moved away from Fishlore (temporarily) because I was using it at night, which was not helping with my insomnia. I also thought that the backlit screen at night could be making my anxiety/depression worse.

    But after going cold turkey I found that I was just too addicted to this forum, and I do enjoy a chat in the night :) I could use the web browser on my kindle which is not backlit.

    Thank you all!
  6. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus Tank Fishlore VIP Member

    Hopefully the 2 days was just what you needed!
  7. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome back. Im sure if we ask mike nicely he can ban you at night.

    But seriously try acupuncture for your insomnia it was the only thing that helped me. Well that and getting drunk.
  8. OP

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

  9. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Glad to see you back!

    Have you ever tried Melatonin pills? I always keep a bottle in my nightstand -- they help me drift off to sleep without leaving me knocked out or groggy and most kinds just dissolve in your mouth.
  10. scarface

    scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    Ambiens helped me immensely, but those are prescribed. I now take either Advil or Tylenol PMs. They work well, too. I try not to take it too many times, as I don’t think any medicine is healthy in the longterm.
  11. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yep it works great. My wifes a traditional chinese doctor so i get her to treat me.

    If you can find an actual doctor not a massage/accupuncture therapist give it a go.
  12. Buganjimo

    Buganjimo Well Known Member Member

    I’ve never had it done to deal with insomnia, but I have had acupuncture done tons of times for various muscle injuries. I used to have it done almost every day when I ripped my achillies tendon, it helped.

    If your worried about it hurting, it doesn’t :)
  13. OP

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    No pills. I've seen them ruin lives :(

    I will take pills in severe sickness but not influenza and definitely not insomnia.
  14. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    I agree that there are a lot of pills that can cause damage or addictions. (Not to mention side-effects.) Melatonin is natural, however. It's the only kind of pill I have on hand except headache pills.
  15. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Geez, the way you worded you first post, I thought you were going to prison.:p:):D

    But it's good to have you back.
  16. Dch48

    Dch48 Well Known Member Member

    He was, but he got a suspended sentence. LOL
  17. SegiDream

    SegiDream Well Known Member Member

    It's natural, so is valerian root. But I've read that your brain can start to depend on melatonin supplements. Diet plays a part in getting good sleep, there are foods you can eat that help. Avoid caffeine after lunch. Make sure you get plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Turn down or minimize the lights inside the house at night or at least an hour before bedtime. Anyways, welcome back :)
  18. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    So glad your back. Insomnia and depression suck! Been there. Hang in there. It gets better.
  19. yukondog

    yukondog Well Known Member Member

    I'm with you on the insomnia.
  20. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    Health comes first...hobby later...glad your back...you sure missed a lot of things while you were out. :D

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