Take mate with aggressive mollies 29 gal

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    BTW love the new app. I have a 29 gal tank in the bedroom that has 4 female gold lyre tail (a mom and 3 mostly grown offspring. ) The momma full grown and is the only one of the original 4 fish (1+ year ago ) left that I bought and has suffered through my learning pains. But she was getting too aggressive for the main tank and earned her own in the bed room. The tank is really bland. 4 fish that look exactly alike which if they were schooling that would be cool. I had a dg with her that got picked on so that's out. Maybe a pair of angels or some dwarf cichlids? I know there isn't much tank space left but I do pretty well on keeping up with the wcs.
    If dwarf cichlids, what kinds? I have a decent lfs that specializes in cichlids but they don't always have the right labels on the tanks and the scientific name on everything is confusing. I already have an established 55 gal african cichlids show tank no deaths yet so I know their temperament. Some kind of cichlid is about the only fish that I know of that could stand up to the mollies.

    Any suggestions?
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    Pretty sure your stocked, but I'll leave that for others since I bad with that... I'd suggest a ram, I have them with mollies and they are fine together.:)
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    It is vet hard for the mollies to live with cichlids. They becomes territorial. You can keep some schooling fishes.
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    I second the ram if you are not already stocked (I am bad with that to.)