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I'm writing this now as opposed to in the morning because I need a chance to breathe and to let everyone settle so I can make sure they'll all be OK before I go back to bed.

TAKE HEED. Especially if you have a planted tank, if you raise the temperature to about 80 or above for any reason ADD AN AIRSTONE. I ignored this advice because I thought my filter fall would be sufficient. I was wrong and nearly lost almost my entire tank to oxygen deprivation tonight. No words to describe how I feel. The main reason I'm sure it was oxygen related is that my cories were the only ones acting OK, and they are made for low-oxygen conditions, besides the fact that some of my fish were sitting at the surface and the rest were sitting on the very bottom, pale and not moving around at all. I just thank God (literally) that I got up for something to drink and looked into the tank!!

Just in case it was related to the ich meds and also to raise the oxygen content if I was correct I did a 75% water change and everyone has perked up and are starting to get their color back. I'm thanking the Lord I didn't lose any of my little buddies. That was far too close and I want to cry. Please learn from my mistake, and don't make the same one!

Edit: Now I'm gonna sit back with a soda, enjoy the forum and try to calm down.
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Good morning,

I'm glad that you were able to save your fish! Whew! That was a close one. Anytime your fish do not appear to be acting normally, the best place to start is with a water change.

Yes, warmer water requires more oxygen. The combination of warmer water and medications may well have been the issue.

Good job!

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Thank you. I just wish I'd followed the advice in the first place, although somehow I doubt I'd have learned my lesson so deeply as I have this way.

I just checked on them and they all look good now. All I gotta do at this point is take care of my shattered nerves.

I forgot to add that I added an airstone before I counted the crisis over. Hopefully I can avoid any more episodes.
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I think you are right about the crisis unfortunately teaching us these kinds of lessons more effectively. If I had not lost my favorite fish due to a crisis that started with my getting a new fish, I would not have learned the lesson of quarantine tank as effectively, and oh how I wish I had learned that lesson without loosing fish. I am glad you were able to act in time to avoid losses.
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I need a hug. I wish my fiance was awake but he's been sick so I don't want to disturb him.
Thanks for the positive words, guys. It's helping.
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Group hug:


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How scary!! I'm glad to hear you saved them! I did a similar thing one night except it was with a heater... forgot to plug it in. Woke up the next morning with the tank 10F cooler and all the fish just sitting on the bottom, very unusual for aggressive cichlids. Luckily they all survived but I sure did learn my lesson to always plug the heater back in. You're completely right; a crisis or what seems like one can teach the most effective lessons.
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Oooh, close call, good save.

I might add, I think the medication combined with the higher temp probably contributed.

I wouldn't think that temperature at 80 would be high enough to really cause O[SUB]2[/SUB] deprivation, sustained above 86, certainly. I say this because my Freshwater Planted runs without airstones during the day, and can creep up to 82F. (Admittedly that's lights on, so plants are providing O[SUB]2[/SUB], and I run air at night to help offset CO[SUB]2[/SUB] from plants)

Also worth mentioning, that it is not the air bubbles that add the O[SUB]2[/SUB], it's the surface agitation when they burst that allows gas exchange.

I agree with Ken, a water change is typically one of the best first measures.

Too help complete your story and message, which medication were you using? That way we can inform along the lines of two messages:
1 - Increasing temperature can and does cause O[SUB]2[/SUB] deprivation
2 - If you are going to treat with ProductX, it is advisable to add an airstone to maintain gas exchange, especially if raising temperature.
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I hope you're calmer now..... you took immediate action and it sounds like it worked....
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Wow! Scary!
Good thing you got up when you did!

Hope everyone is ok now.
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they should be back to themselevs in no time! Great save, and a great lesson that I will look up to!
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Yep, everyone survived and is acting normal now.

That tank was at a good 84 degrees, as I was treating for ich. I tried to get it to 86 but the aging heater that came with the tank refuses to go that high. I'm thankful for that now.

I was using Kordon Ich Attack, the herbal formula.

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