Take 2 dogs, add sunshine and a camera.....

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The sun was streaming into the living room today. Scruff and Merlin happened to be occupying that space and my camera was nearby. Now that these two are getting older, both are approximately 13 years old or so, it's important to get as many precious photos as I can of these old men while I still have them with me.

I thought the light made really interesting patterns on them.

Merlin sunlight cropped.jpg

Scruff sunlight.jpg

Now, you may ask..... LyndaB has 3 rescue dogs, why only photos of 2? Because Ozzy, the youngster of the group, was too busy being passed out on his father on the sofa to come play in the sunshine! So much for the young dogs having all the energy! LOL

ozzy passed out.jpg
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Great pictures Lynda!
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The first photo reminds me of a painting.
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Awe, so cute! I really like the first picture.
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Thanks guys. Merlin photographs really well. Although it appears black & white, the photo is actually natural color. He's a brindle so has that wonderful coloring of all shades of black, white, gray and caramel.


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